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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Ann Elise Record is an enthusiastic, engaging and knowledgeable presenter who is passionate about creating positive, successful math lessons for ALL students. Experienced as a classroom teacher and math specialist, Ann Elise has worked extensively with students, teachers, interventionists, special educators, pre-service teachers, and parents.

Having used all of the assessments, strategies and resources extensively in classrooms, she has seen the effectiveness of these innovative ideas first-hand. She is a vibrant presenter whose excitement for teaching mathematics is contagious! Ann Elise is the author of Strengthening Your Students’ Success in Math: New, Innovative Strategies to Differentiate Math Instruction (Grades K-3).

Ann Elise’s seminars are extremely practical and filled with research-based activities and assessments you can implement immediately to create confident, positive, flexible young mathematicians.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

Hands-down the best presenter I’ve seen in years! Kept me engaged from start to finish.”

“My math knowledge and comfort level have increased tenfold after attending this seminar with Ann Elise!”

Awesome! I have so many great tips, tools and resources to help me develop my students’ love for math.”

“The way Ann Elise pours her heart and soul into math is evident in her presentation. Top notch and beyond passionate!

“I’ve been looking for a fact fluency assessment and the Math Running Record is perfect. I can’t wait to try it out in my classroom tomorrow.”

Great speaker! Lots to think about! I love math!”

“I finally understand the 12 problem structures with add/sub. Ann Elise helped clarify what they are and how to teach them within my classroom. I learned so much from her!

“Ann Elise has reignited my love for teaching math!”