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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Jean Murphy has extensive, first-hand experience with Personalized Learning. As a highly experienced educator, instructional leader and teacher coach, she is a sought-after speaker and consultant on Personalized Learning. She has presented at numerous national conferences, and has helped countless public, private and charter school teachers and leaders improve their student outcomes through Personalized Learning.

She is also the author of Making Best Use of PERSONALIZED LEARNING to Powerfully Support Student Success, the extensive resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar. Jean is passionate about equipping teachers and leaders with practical Personalized Learning ideas and strategies designed for grades K-12 students, including those with exceptional learning needs.

Join Jean for a highly engaging day and experience Personalized Learning yourself, as Jean shares with you the tools, strategies and techniques you need to make this powerful approach a success with your grades K-12 students.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

Jean is truly an expert in Personalized Learning and it quickly becomes evident through her ability to distill how it works in many contexts and in many stages.”

“Jean’s seminar was extremely well-organized and easy to follow. I learned so much about Personalized Learning!”

“Jean is uniquely qualified to speak on this topic. As one of the foremost experts on Personalized Learning, she shared many examples of how it looks in practice.”

Jean knows and models the power of reflection in her seminar.

“Jean is a highly engaging speaker. As a school team we are leaving with tons of great ideas for making Personalized Learning a success with our students!”

“Jean is relatable to a wide audience - urban, suburban, millennials, veteran educators, and novice educators. School and district leaders as well as teachers will find her message applicable.”

Jean did a great job! She really made sure we got what we needed in terms of how to make Personalized Learning work.”

Jean provided excellent stories that helped exemplify her points about Personalized Learning.”

“Jean is extremely passionate about Personalized Learning, and that passion comes through in her presentation style.”

“This seminar is definitely not a sit-and-get. I was highly engaged and learned a lot from the hands-on experiences throughout the day.”

Jean gets it! She clearly understands the realities of today’s classrooms and students. Very relevant strategies!”

Exactly what I needed to get started with Personalized Learning! This seminar provided me tons of great tools and ideas.”

The resource handbook is full of tools and strategies I can use right away – I can’t wait to get started!”

“The ideas Jean shares in this seminar are both realistic and practical.