Institute for Educational Development

Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Kathy Morris has been a special education teacher for more than 30 years and a consultant for executive function disorders, behavior disorders, autism, assistive technology, and LIFE Skills, providing technical assistance, seminars and workshops to educators throughout the United States. She was named “Outstanding Educator of the Year” in her state and has served as Advisor to the President’s Commission on Special Education.

Kathy knows through experience what works for students who have trouble with executive function skills such as focusing, getting and staying organized, regulating their behavior, and making the choices that will help them be successful in school, both socially and academically. She is known for her fast-paced and interactive seminars that leave participants inspired to try new strategies with their students who struggle in school.

You won’t want to miss this day filled with highly effective ideas and interventions to support your students to become more independent and develop greater executive control of their time, tasks and materials. You will leave her seminar with renewed energy and a toolkit of strategies to help you be more successful in your classroom immediately!

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“This was by far one of the best seminars I have attended. It held my attention the entire time and the day flew by. This was truly inspiring.”

“I had everything to learn and I learned a lot! I’m recharged to work with my students.”

“Thank you for the beneficial strategies that I can use in my classroom. Your examples and scenarios have given me more perspectives to consider throughout my instruction.”

“Real strategies that can be implemented immediately. Very useful!”

“Kathy did an awesome job! This was a phenomenal seminar. I cannot wait to implement the strategies she shared tomorrow and in the future.”

“This was great! I learned so much I can use immediately. Great tools, tips, and strategies!

“I can’t believe that I learned so much in such a short time. Kathy motivated me beyond belief and I can’t wait to begin using her incredible strategies when I get to school TOMORROW!”

“Kathy was a very engaging presenter. This seminar was very informative and a great use of valuable time.”

“One of the most worthwhile seminars I have attended. Excellent examples and ideas with great personal connections.”

“Fabulous! Thank you, Kathy! Your personal and professional stories are inspiring.”