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Using WRITING to
More Effectively Teach MATH CONCEPTS
(Grades 38)

NEW Seminar Presented by
Outstanding Mathematics Teacher, Author and Presenter

Specifically Designed for Classroom Teachers, Title 1 Staff, Special Education Teachers, and Other Educators Teaching Math in Grades 3-8

  • Powerful ways to more effectively teach basic math, algebra and geometry concepts
  • Motivating techniques for reaching struggling and underachieving students
  • Dozens of practical instructional strategies proven to increase student achievement in algebra while reinforcing basic math skills
  • Innovative strategies to increase students' ability to speak, read and write mathematics
  • Proven techniques that will motivate all of your students to learn, remember and apply basic math facts and concepts
  • Receive an extensive mathematics teaching resource handbook filled with innovative math lessons and highly effective teaching strategies

Practical Strategies and Materials

In this outstanding NEW seminar, nationally acclaimed math educator Bill Hanlon will show you how to more effectively teach basic math, algebra and geometry concepts and skills by linking them to previously learned material and outside real world experiences. Emphasis will be placed on strategies to increase student learning, understanding and applying mathematics by reading and writing that will result in increased performance in the math classroom and on high-stakes tests.

You'll learn dozens of new and innovative ways to introduce new math topics using language that is familiar to your students, to review and reinforce basic math skills and to compare and contrast that information resulting in increased student understanding. You'll learn cutting-edge ways to more effectively teach math in different contexts. You'll leave this seminar with dozens of new techniques and activities you'll be able to use immediately to increase the mathematics achievement for every student, especially your struggling and underachieving students.

Ten Key Benefits of Attending

  1. Integrate Speaking, Reading and Writing Into Daily Math Lessons to Increase Mathematical Understanding
    Use communication skills to boost student knowledge and comfort levels in mathematics by learning the language of mathematics
  2. Strengthen and Reinforce Your Students' Basic Math Skills While Teaching Your Assigned Math Curriculum
    Learn how to introduce new concepts and skills by directly linking them to math topics taught in grades three through eight
  3. Accelerate Mathematics Achievement for Every Student
    Learn innovative ways of introducing math concepts and skills that will strengthen your math program by making math more relevant . . . Practical ideas and strategies you can immediately use in your math classroom
  4. Learn Innovative Techniques to Motivate and Build Confidence in Struggling and Underachieving Learners
    Acquire proven ideas to break down defense mechanisms that students use so they are not embarrassed or ridiculed by their peers . . . Discover new ways to captivate, engage and more effectively reach students who struggle in mathematics
  5. Increase Student Success in the Math Classroom and on High-Stakes Tests
    Use classroom-proven strategies to better prepare all students for high-stakes tests while teaching your math assigned curriculum
  6. Use Real World Examples to Increase Student Interest and Motivation for Learning Mathematics
    Learn proven ideas for demonstrating how math concepts can be used in different real world experiences
  7. Introduce Algebra Concepts and Skills While Reviewing Basic Facts and Procedures
    Use connections and pattern development to increase student understanding while addressing gaps in student deficiencies
  8. Accelerate Success in Math for Your Struggling and Underachieving Students
    Use innovative teaching strategies that incorporate different learning modalities to more effectively address needs of diverse student populations
  9. How to Better Utilize Math Homework Assignments,
    Learn proven techniques to get more value from your homework assignments . . . How to give assignments that reflect what you value in mathematics
  10. Receive a Detailed Mathematics Teaching Resource Handbook
    You will leave with an extensive resource handbook full of outstanding math lessons, practical strategies and engaging problems you can use in your classroom immediately

Outstanding strategies you can use immediately:

  • Highly effective reading and writing strategies that will assist struggling students to better comprehend mathematics
  • Dozens of practical strategies to strengthen the mathematics achievement of all your students
  • Motivating techniques for reaching struggling and underachieving students
  • Specific ways to link math concepts and skills to make students learning mathematics more comfortable
  • Innovative techniques for working with diverse students including special education, English language learners and at-risk
  • Proven strategies to increase your students' ability to speak, read and write mathematics
  • Practical ways to link math to real world experiences
  • New ways to more effectively teach concepts and skills in algebra and geometry while reviewing and reinforcing basic math skills
  • Proven strategies to help students learn and retain important math facts, procedures and concepts
  • Timesaving tips to better prepare your students for unit/chapter math tests
  • Suggestions on how to use notes more effectively to increase the mathematics achievement of every student
  • How you can better utilize homework assignments to reflect what you value in mathematics
  • Highly effective test preparation strategies to enhance understanding and increase the level of student success
  • Practical suggestions on how to teach students to study mathematics more effectively and efficiently
  • Proven ways to get reluctant learners to want to learn math
  • How to use real data to assess student work so you can more effectively modify your math instruction
  • Easy-to-implement strategies to successfully prepare your students for high-stakes tests

A Message from Your Seminar Leader, BILL HANLON

Dear Colleague:

Each year teachers of mathematics are asked to teach students more and more skills in earlier grades. Many of our students are coming to us without the critical foundational skills that prepare them to learn and understand higher levels of mathematics and be successful. I have designed this seminar to share a variety of the most effective reading and writing strategies that I have found work very effectively with all students and especially with students who have previously experienced difficulty in mathematics.

My goal in this seminar is to share a variety of practical, yet very powerful and effective ways to introduce concepts and skills in math while reinforcing basic math skills. I will show you how you can cover your assigned math curriculum while addressing the deficiencies your students bring to your math classes. I'll also share specific strategies for more effectively incorporating reading and writing in your daily math lessons.

I invite you to join me for this day as we explore proven ideas on how to select and utilize the most effective instructional strategies that will make all of your students more competent in their knowledge, understanding and application of mathematics. I guarantee that you'll leave this seminar more energized about your own teaching, equipped with a wide variety of powerful strategies you will be able to use in your math classes the very next day. I look forward to meeting you at the seminar.


Bill Hanlon

P.S. I have been to too many seminars that focused on theory. The focus in this seminar is very much on practical strategies that you'll be able use immediately in your own classroom.

Who Should Attend

Grades 3-8 Classroom Teachers, Algebra Teachers, Geometry Teachers, School Administrators, Curriculum Directors, Department Heads, and Professional Developers serving Grades 3-8.

Special Benefits of Attending

  1. Receive an Extensive Math Teaching Resource Handbook
    Included in your handbook will be over 50 review lessons in basic math, algebra and geometry; newsletters with specific ways to introduce algebra concepts by linking; word problems and more.
  2. Meet and Share With Other Math Educators
    This seminar provides participants a great opportunity to meet and share ideas with other educators interested in strengthening their mathematics program.
  3. Consultation Available
    Bill Hanlon will be available at the seminar for consultation regarding your questions about the unique needs of your own program.
  4. Semester Credit Option:
    Brandman University Logo Graduate elective credit available with an additional fee and completion of a follow-up practicum project. Details for direct enrollment with Chapman University College (California) available at the seminar.
  5. Meet Inservice Requirements:
    At the end of the program, each attendee will receive a certificate of participation that may be used to verify hours of participation in meeting continuing education requirements.