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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Jeff Jambretz is an experienced and current secondary Science teacher and Instructional Technology Coach. He is a regular presenter at seminars and workshops on highly engaging ways to use technology to strengthen students' enthusiasm and learning. Jeff has built a reputation for being a tech-savvy educator and skilled presenter on all things Google.

He is passionate about helping fellow Science teachers discover practical ways to leverage Google Classroom, Tools, Apps, and Chrome extensions to greatly enhance Science learning in their classrooms. Jeff enjoys sharing effective ways to engage secondary Science students in tech-rich environments that develop creativity, critical thinking, effective communication, and collaboration.

Jeff is also the author of Making Best Use of Google Classroom to Strengthen Your SCIENCE INSTRUCTION, the extensive resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar.

Join Jeff for an outstanding day full of specific ways you can get the most out of Google Classroom to strengthen instruction in your grades 6-12 Science classroom.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"Jeff's passion for student learning in Science and his dynamic personality makes me confident I can implement Google Classroom."

"Jeff was well prepared and full of great examples of how to use Google Classroom with Science students."

"I highly recommend Jeff's seminar. No matter what level of experience you have with Google Classroom, you will leave with lots of new learning."

"Jeff is energetic, inspiring and very knowledgeable about Google Classroom. I loved how he took time to answer questions and he showed me things I never knew existed in Google Classroom."

"Many great tools and well-paced day! Jeff has a way of making you feel at ease and his presentation is very engaging."

"I learned so much today about Google Classroom that I can't wait to use with my Science students."

"Today was really helpful, Jeff! Thank you for all of the wonderful resources!"

"Jeff's pace was perfect! We learned a lot, but it wasn't overwhelming."

"A great day of professional development! You can tell Jeff knows his stuff about Google Classroom."

"So many terrific ideas and tips for Science teachers!"

"Jeff makes me feel confident I can improve the learning in my Science classroom using Google Classroom."

"So helpful! Jeff really broke the learning down and made things understandable."

"Honestly – if Jeff can help me understand how to use Google Classroom, he can help anyone get it!"