Institute for Educational Development

Uniquely Qualified Instructor

MIKE DREIBLATT has successfully trained over 500,000 teachers, students, and parents in dealing with disruptive students, bullying and violence prevention, creating healthy relationships, and discipline of students with special needs. Mike brings years of experience working with disruptive students as a Teacher, Principal, Dean of Students, and Educational Consultant.

He has co-authored books on preventing bullying and social aggression. Drawing from his extensive background, Mike offers dozens of practical and effective strategies that have worked for him and countless educators he has worked with in both general and special education settings. Mike’s approach is about realizing improved discipline, less disruption, more teaching time, and safer students. Mike is also the author of DEALING EFFECTIVELY WITH DISRUPTIVE STUDENTS: Practical, Proven Techniques, the extensive resource handbook you will receive at the seminar.

Join Mike for this thought provoking, practical seminar. You’ll leave with proven strategies that you can use immediately with your challenging, disruptive, and defiant students.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“Excellent workshop. Mike's intervention techniques were spot on.

“Terrific day! Truly – one of the best staff development opportunities I've had in almost 40 years as an educator. Very practical!

“So much in education is flavor of the month type stuff. It seems like these so called, 'experts' have never spent a minute in the classroom. Mike – I know kids and I know what works, and your 'stuff' works!

“Mike provided insightful and powerful strategies. The time flew by!”

“I was very impressed with Mike. He presented so many great ideas I can use right away. Thank you!”

“Great! Mike was very articulate, concise, and knowledgeable. His examples were very relevant no matter what you teach.”

“Very informative! Mike was animated and provided examples that made the material meaningful. He was outstanding, clear, engaging, and funny!

“Thanks to this excellent seminar, I will be implementing many of these ideas into my classroom.”

“Marvelous job, Mike! Your engaging style and useful information made this one of the most entertaining and valuable professional development trainings I've participated in.”

“Mike is a great presenter – funny, responsive to questions, and easy to approach during breaks.”

“This was the best seminar I've been to in years. Full of real-life examples and practical information that I can take and use right away.”