Institute for Educational Development

Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Angela Cameron is a dynamic early childhood and kindergarten teacher and national trainer. Her background includes many years of classroom experience in preschool, kindergarten and primary classrooms as well as extensive travel as a national speaker and seminar leader.

Throughout her career, Angela has developed a passion for working with young students, including ELL and at-risk students. The activities and lessons she has developed help all students, including the strugglers, to close the achievement gap before they fall too far behind. She is noted for her enthusiasm, and her love for her students is obvious in her seminars.

Her presentations are clear, fast paced and activity packed. You will leave with a wealth of new ideas you can easily use in your own pre-k and kindergarten classrooms. Angela is the author of Accelerate ELL Students’ Learning in Pre-K and Kindergarten, the extensive resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar. Join Angela for a fun day filled with many practical ideas to help all your ELL students find success and confidence in your classroom.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“What an enjoyable experience! Angela is so humorous. She clearly has a deep passion for students and for teaching. Thank you for the new activities and ideas to bring back to my students!

“Angela is upbeat, energetic and very engaging. Tons of great, quick and easy-to-implement ideas!

“Angela really helped me see things through a new lens. I have so many ideas that I can’t wait to use in my classroom tomorrow!”

Angela is a fantastic presenter! She incorporated real life experiences with practical solutions and shared endless activities. Well worth the time!”

“This seminar delivered exactly what it promised. There were so many creative ideas for motivating and supporting early childhood learners. I’m excited to have fresh ideas to use in my classroom!”

One of the best seminars I have attended! I appreciate how Angela not only focused on what needs to be done, but also how to do it.”

Thank you for the excellent ideas! There are so many to choose from. And the handbook is a great resource!”

Angela captivated my interest immediately and held it to the end of the day! I have been teaching for almost 20 years and this material will definitely be useful in my classroom!”

“Another great seminar! Angela is a great presenter – very personable and easy to listen to. I’ll be returning to my class with plenty of new ideas!”

“Angela Cameron is a masterful speaker who provides an excellent array of strategies and tools to use in the classroom.”