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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

JO GUSMAN is an outstanding master teacher of English Learners, teacher educator, national presenter, and former EL student. With extensive experience working with K-12 bilingual and multilingual immigrant, migrant, and refugee status students – new arrival, long-term EL, Students with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education (SLIFE), and struggling readers – Jo has been featured on national television, is the recipient of numerous awards for teaching excellence, including Presidential recognition for her exceptional work, and serves as a curriculum architect and developer for several publishers.

Jo is also the author of Helping Your ENGLISH LEARNERS Become More Successful Readers: Targeted Reading Interventions that Work! (Grades K-8), the extensive digital resource handbook you will receive at the seminar. Thousands of appreciative teachers across the country are currently using Jo’s neurosciencebased language and literacy frameworks, processes, and strategies which are known for their practical value in building success for English Learners. Join Jo for a fast-moving, energetic day full of practical ideas and targeted interventions you can use immediately with your own EL students.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“I have seen Jo twice now and each time I have received excellent new strategies. She is the best presenter I have seen in an ELL PD in my 25 years of experience.”

“Jo Gusman is an amazing speaker and motivator.”

A great presenter with the heart and experience required to make her presentations meaningful and understandable.”

“Jo is an energetic, insightful and entertaining instructional leader, touching and changing adult thoughts and ideas and, therefore, changing the lives of English Learners.”

“Jo is a wonderful presenter. You can tell she loves what she does and has a passion for her work.”

Her love for teaching ELL students is contagious.

“Jo is a great resource for EL/Transitional Bilingual teachers.”

Great, practical ideas and tools that I can use with my students tomorrow!”

“Jo Gusman was the best speaker I have ever seen. She’s given me great, new ways to teach my English Learners.”

Her enthusiasm is contagious! I can’t wait to get back to my classroom to try these ideas.”