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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

SHVETA MILLER is an enthusiastic national presenter, master ELA teacher, and inspiring instructional coach with a wealth of knowledge and experience on the most effective strategies teachers can use to strengthen the skills of their most struggling ELA students. She is the author of the highly praised Hacking Graphic Novels: 8 Ways to Teach Higher-Level Thinking with Comics and Visual Storytelling, a top-selling AP English Literature exam guide published by McGraw-Hill, many articles about literacy instruction for popular sites like Edutopia and Cult of Pedagogy, and the extensive digital resource handbook you will receive at the seminar, Increase the Success of Your Struggling Readers Using Graphic Novels (Grades 6-12). She has played a crucial part in improving the reading skills of countless students nationwide in her role as a literacy consultant. While Shveta's strategies are research-based, they are also highly practical, easy to implement, and extremely helpful for increasing the learning of your struggling ELA students.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“Shveta provides a clear map for teachers to discover the numerous ways that comics can inspire creative and critical thinking in their students.”

“If you want students who are critical thinkers, imaginative problem-solvers, and nuanced observers, spend a day of learning with Shveta!”

“Shveta provides clear, detailed approaches to teach literacy skills that will be fun for students AND educators!”

“So many easy-to-implement activities teachers can use in their classrooms tomorrow to not only teach about comics, but to improve students' thinking, questioning, and analysis skills.”

“I was inspired by Shveta to question my assumptions and expand possibilities in my teaching. I came away with accessible, creative ideas and a new understanding of what the study of comics offers students.”

“Even if you have no experience using or reading comics or graphic novels, Shveta will help you start to implement various reading strategies to help with reading comprehension and encourage student engagement.”

“Shveta is tremendously smart, insightful, and especially helpful on the subject of how to generate lively conversations among students, how to push past superficial readings of visual texts and get through to moments of connection and discovery.”