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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Sue Holt is an experienced National Board Certified Teacher who is passionate about teaching kindergartners using current and culturally relevant technology. Sue grew up alongside computers and for 15 years has integrated technology in her preschool and kindergarten classrooms. She has taught using technology on a daily basis in varied early childhood environments including preschool, private childcare and elementary schools. 

Sue began using iPads in her kindergarten classroom when they were brand new and has experienced teaching with just one iPad, a small set of devices and a full one-to-one iPad program. Sue regularly participates in professional learning networks using social media such as Twitter and other technologies and collaborates with teachers world wide. 

Sue loves to support teachers who are new to using technology, and her presentations are beneficial to both those hesitant and comfortable with using technology in the classroom. She works closely with educators in her school district on the use of technology in the classroom, and reaches teachers around the world through her popular blog about using technology in Early Childhood Education and seminars.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“Sue shares awesome resources for online videos geared towards kindergarten. I can’t wait to try these videos with my students!”

I love Sue’s ideas and her blog!”

I am so excited to find out about how Sue is using iPads in her kindergarten classroom. Sue has inspired me.”

“Wow! Sue presents a variety of great links! I will pass some of these on directly to the kindergarten teacher in my building.”

“Sue has great wisdom!”

“Sue shares so many fantastic ideas!”

“I am impressed with Sue’s knowledge about iPads and other technology.”

“Sue has great ideas and examples! It’s so helpful to hear about meaningful ways to use iPads with kindergartners.”

I loved hearing all the ways Sue incorporates the iPad into her school day!”

“I admire Sue’s expertise on using iPads in the kindergarten classroom.”

Sue is awesome! I learned so much from her.”

“Wow! iPads are awesome! I didn’t realize that they could be used for so much in kindergarten. Her ideas are great.”

“I appreciate all of Sue’s great ideas. I will put them to good use!”