Institute for Educational Development

Uniquely Qualified Instructor

KIM GEDDIE is a dynamic, experienced teacher and international presenter. The strategies Kim presents are those that she and the teachers and schools she has supported across the country have found to be most effective with “I don’t care” and underperforming students. Kim is passionate about helping fellow educators better reach their challenging and disengaged students to maximize their success. Kim specializes in presenting practical, realistic strategies and activities that are high impact, low prep and effective in reaching underperforming students.

She is also the author of Powerful, Practical Strategies for Increasing Success with “I Don’t Care!” and Underperforming Students, the extensive resource handbook you will receive at the seminar. Audiences appreciate Kim’s down-to-earth style and practical approach in dealing with difficult, disengaged students. Join Kim for a fast-paced day full of practical, highly effective strategies and activities that you can immediately use with students who come to school or class with an “I don’t care” attitude.”

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“Kim was a great presenter and shared many wonderful ideas that I can use tomorrow!”

“High energy! Information packed! Very informative! Very inspiring!”

“Wonderful, upbeat presenter! I loved the interactive, hands-on activities Kim modeled. This made her ideas clear and memorable.”

Very useful strategies. I will can’t wait to implement them tomorrow!”

“Kim was highly knowledgeable, personable and had great energy. I can’t wait to use these strategies with my challenging students!

“This workshop was fast paced and gave me many great ideas! I feel like I’m leaving, ready to make a difference, and without killing myself in the process!”

“This workshop was very motivational. There were lots of good ideas and strategies. I learned many techniques I can use with my underperforming students.”

I enjoyed Kim’s seminar very much! It was reasonable, doable and very usable. I wanted practical information and things I can actually go back and use – and that’s exactly what I got!”

“Kim was very relatable as a fellow educator and gave lots of immediately useable ideas.”

“Excellent PD! Many strategies I can use immediately to increase the success of my I don’t care students. Kim is very knowledgeable, and she presented a tremendous amount of information in an engaging, energetic way.”