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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Whitnie Del Toro is an experienced elementary teacher who has supported all students – general education, ELL, special ed, gifted – in the area of math. Faced with many students who are a year or more below their grade level as well as those who need to be more fully challenged, Whitnie knows how to engage students in understanding key math concepts using math games and visual math models.

She knows how to increase students' mathematical literacy and numeracy skills with engaging number routines that allow students to use mental math strategies at their level while practicing the use of academic vocabulary as they explain their thinking. Whitnie understands how to engage students and to maximize their mathematical potential. Her routines and activities will help you increase your students' math learning.

Whitnie enjoys presenting the latest, cutting edge ideas for enhancing student learning. She provides strategies and activities that help teachers maximize their math block and help students develop conceptual understanding. She is known for presenting seminars that are engaging, practical and teacher-friendly. Whitnie is the author of Using Models, Games and Routines to Increase Math Learning (Grades 3-6), the comprehensive resource handbook you will receive at this full day seminar of highly practical, engaging ways to maximize student success with math models, games and number routines.

Join Whitnie and leave feeling recharged and confident, ready to put these outstanding ideas to immediate use with your grades 3-6 students.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"Whitnie is fun and energetic! Her presentation style keeps you so engaged the whole time!"

"This entire day has been full of well thought out and highly relevant strategies that meet the daily needs of teachers."

"Whitnie's passion for math, especially bringing a focus on strategies to develop flexible math thinking, has changed how I look at my students and my teaching."

"I love all of the ideas Whitnie has shared! I now feel much more confident about my math instruction."

"Whitnie puts the best interests of all of students at the forefront of everything she does. I can't wait to try these ideas in my classroom."

"Whitnie is a master teacher! She has made this all so practical and easy to think about."