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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Pete Charrette, creator of Cap'n Pete's Power PE, is an award-winning, nationally-board certified physical education teacher with more than 30 years teaching experience. Pete has also served as a national board professional teaching standards trainer. He has developed more than 700 PE and health resources that are currently being used by educators across the world

Pete has presented and keynoted at the district, state and national levels and has designed an award-winning physical education website. He has an impactful online presence that includes a popular PE blog and has presented online for prominent global PE summits and been a guest on PE podcasts.

Pete is the author of Innovative Games, Movement Experiences and Resources for Enhancing Your PE PROGRAM (Grades K-8), the extensive PE resource handbook participants will receive at this seminar. Pete's seminars are packed full of practical information and the most useful tools and resources to help establish and maintain physical education programs of excellence.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"Pete presented high quality activities and games. I now have a new and different approach to try out in my teaching practice!"

"Pete's was by far my favorite of all the SHAPE America sessions I attended."

"I loved seeing how Pete folded so many skills into so many activities!"

"I really appreciate Pete's positivity and for making such an impact on the physical education community."

"I loved Pete's practical solutions to the challenges I face every day."

"I really enjoyed actively participating in Pete's activities and games … so much fun!"

"Pete does an awesome job! I love his hands-on activities that I can now take back and implement."

"Pete provided such a positive and enthusiastic seminar! He covered so many different grade level activities – very helpful!"