Institute for Educational Development

Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Ann Thompson-Hague is an experienced PE teacher and outstanding trainer/mentor. Passionate about the importance of quality school PE programs, Ann has long been active at the district, state and national levels in efforts to help strengthen elementary and secondary level PE instruction.

Ann is the author of Practical Routines, Engaging Activities and Motivating Games to Strengthen Your PHYSICAL EDUCATION PROGRAM (Grades K-8), the extensive physical education resource handbook that each participant will receive at the seminar. Throughout the years, physical educators in Ann’s training sessions have enjoyed her strong passion for the positive impact of quality physical education programs, her engaging manner and her focus on sharing a wide variety of activities that can be used immediately in your PE program.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“Ann’s seminar was very informative and I learned new ways to improve my PE classes.

I really enjoyed Ann’s seminar, the reinforcement of routines and the reminder to learn and demonstrate!

“Ann does a great job! Lots of information across all levels. Good information about integrating one’s self into curriculum design and a professional along state and national PE standards.

Ann gives good reminders to be very specific and intentional about vocabulary inside all PE activities.

“Ann gives great tips that are helpful to save time in my PE classes. She also reinforced some of the things I’m already doing.

“Ann leads with the positive and was friendly and always smiling. She puts you in a great mindset. Very helpful with tips on time management and communication with teachers and parents.

“Ann gave me great strategies to assist in maximum student success.

“I love Ann’s instructions and PE activities.

“Ann gives great step-by-step instructions and lead up to Double Dutch. Lots of fun activities.

“Ann has great ideas and new games to incorporate into PE classes.”