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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Carrie Flint is a highly experienced, award-winning physical education teacher, adapted physical education specialist, and national PE presenter. She has trained PE teachers across the country and serves on her own state’s committee for the Physical Education Curriculum Framework. Carrie is known for her passion for physical fitness and helping all students see themselves as lifelong physically fit young adults.

She has dozens of ideas for getting students engaged, managing the class, timesaving organization ideas, assessment tips, and technology resources you won’t want to miss! She is the author of Strengthen Your Physical Education Program with the Best, Current Practices and Activities (Grades 6-12), the extensive resource handbook you will receive at the seminar, which is filled with all the strategies you will experience during her seminar.

You will find Carrie’s seminar fast moving with practical ideas that can be immediately incorporated into your own physical education program.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“Excellent information and activities! I thoroughly enjoyed Carrie’s enthusiasm and passion for students and physical education. I gained many new ideas and activities to use with my students. We are never too experienced to learn – what a great day!”

“Wonderful ideas! Carrie is a great presenter and extremely personable. I will be bringing many ideas back to school for myself and others.”

“Very well done! Carrie was well prepared, informative, and kept our attention as she transitioned from topic to topic. Many great and practical ideas!”

“Carrie was great and provided lots of fantastic ideas!”

“Carrie gave us tons of brain-break and warm-up activities to keep our students motivated and interested.”

“This seminar was both informational and inspirational. I learned so many different activities that will motivate my students. It’s clear that Carrie loves what she does. She’s amazing!”

Best seminar I have ever attended! Carrie was very informative and passionate. I was engaged the entire time and left with numerous ideas that I can’t wait to utilize with my students!”

Awesome content. I can’t wait to get back and use the information in my PE program! Thank you!”

“Thank you! This seminar really hit home for me. I gained a wealth of information that I can use immediately!”