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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Barbara Meleney is a highly experienced, award-winning adapted physical education specialist and physical education teacher, and national adapted PE and PE presenter. She has mentored numerous adapted PE teachers and provided consultation to many public school systems. Barbara is known for her passion for including students with special needs in PE classes and offering innovative and engaging activities for students in adapted PE classes.

She has dozens of ideas for engaging students, cooperative activities and using appropriate equipment and materials to promote full inclusion and successful participation for all students. You will receive her extensive handbook filled with current innovative practices, activities, evaluation tools, and equipment ideas.

You will find Barbara's seminar enjoyable, fast-paced and filled with practical ideas that can be immediately incorporated into your own physical education or adapted physical education program.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"Barbara is very knowledgeable and it was so helpful to be given the opportunity to apply the information taught to real-life scenarios and brainstorm with other participants to come up with adaptations for a variety of situations."

"Barbara's seminar was interactive and fun and I left with ideas that I will be able to implement with my special education students on Monday!"

"Barbara's seminar is informative, interactive and fun!"

"I liked that Barbara encouraged us to share our individual experiences and allowed time for discussion and brainstorming for solutions."

"Barbara presents real-world examples of ways to adapt the instruction."

"I loved seeing all of Barbara's ideas for equipment that can be modified or homemade."

"The best thing about Barbara's seminars are the interactive activities and loads of take-home ideas for implementation in my PE classes."

"It was great to get all the useful ideas and Barbara shared lots of resources to reach all children's abilities. I really enjoyed Barbara's seminar and learned a lot!"