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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

COLLIN BROOKS is an experienced, national board certified and award-winning physical education teacher, blogger, podcaster, and presenter. Collin has presented and keynoted at the state and national level and is a co-creator of the #PhysEdSummit, an international online physical education conference. He has an impactful presence within the physical education online community and also has served on the SHAPE America Board of Directors. Collin is passionate about student-driven quality physical education, using technology to enhance learning in physical education and helping physical education teachers improve their practices. Collin is the author of Best Cutting-Edge Tech Tools, Activities, and Resources for Enhancing Your Physical Education Program (Grades K-8), the comprehensive physical education resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar.

Participants find Collin's seminars highly engaging, participant-driven and full of practical ideas easily implemented in their physical education settings.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“I really enjoyed Collin's seminar and the helpful information he shared.”

“Collin's seminar helped me take greater ownership of the technology I already have.”

“Collin shared realistic and practical ideas for the physical education classroom.”

“I appreciate that Collin is very enthusiastic and approachable for questions.”

“Collin shared great ideas on how to use gamification and implement it into PE.”

Collin shared some great ideas I'm going to use during my Fitness Friday Activities!”

“It is so helpful to have a presentation by such an experienced physical education teacher who strives to stay on the cutting-edge of practice.”

“I am looking forward to implementing a lot the ideas Collin presented!”

“Collin shared great new resources for implementing tech and accountability in the physical education classes.”

“Collin's presentation was well paced and had plenty of opportunity to use the technology.”