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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Sheri Sutterley is a phenomenal preschool and kindergarten teacher. She is a regular presenter at preschool and kindergarten conventions, is an author and has served as a mentor and master teacher throughout her extensive career. Sheri is particularly passionate about integrating STEAM learning in the classroom, and the strategies she shares are ones she has successfully implemented with her own students.

You will find that Sheri’s seminars are filled with practical, classroom-tested ideas that will enhance your teaching of STEAM and increase the success of your preschool and kindergarten students. Sheri’s love of teaching our youngest students is captivating and she loves sharing with other teachers the most current, best practice ideas and strategies.

Join Sheri for a fun, fast-paced, high-energy day full of practical ways to infuse STEAM learning in your classroom with all your students.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

Sheri is so resourceful. I’m eager to take these strategies back with me. They are awesome!”

“Thanks for sharing all your great ideas. Can’t wait to try these with my students.

“Thank you, Sheri! Wonderful ideas!

So many ideas I can take back and use with my students. Thanks!”

So awesome! I liked how Sheri included standards and how to make the learning fun!”

“Lots of wonderful ideas! I appreciated all the literacy connections as well.”

Loved it! Great material and so many fun ideas!”

Great ideas I can use tomorrow in my classroom.”

“Sheri gave so many excellent ideas and ways to implement them.”

“Love STEAM … Can’t wait to motivate and engage my students with these strategies.”