Institute for Educational Development

Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Susie Rose is a uniquely qualified presenter who brings extensive classroom experience to her seminars. She has taught reading in a wide variety of settings and is passionate about working with grades 3-6 students. With her vast experience, Susie understands the realities of creating and maintaining a balanced reading program utilizing whole group focus lessons, guided reading, strategy groups and conferring. She also knows what works and what doesn't! Susie is known nationally for her fast-paced, interactive and humorous presentations. Susie has been a "trainer of teachers" in the area of reading for more than 25 years and has earned numerous Educator of the Year awards as well as many other recognitions. Her ideas are researched-based, innovative and easy to implement.

You will leave her seminar feeling renewed and motivated to establish or enhance your own balanced reading program using a wealth of strategies and resources to meet the needs of all your readers. Susie's handbook, Matching Instruction to Your Readers Using Conferring, Small Groups and Strategy Groups (Grades 3-6), will provide you with ideas, instructional strategies, games, cooperative learning activities, printable student sheets, websites, books and so much more. Don't miss this fabulous seminar!

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"I was always excited when I heard that Susie was presenting because afterwards, I would feel refreshed, renewed and armed with an arsenal of new and fresh ideas to use in my classroom."

"I love the way Susie presents relevant information in such a humorous manner!"

"Attending Susie's workshop gave me the tools I needed to transform my teaching."

"I was pleasantly surprised to learn ways to incorporate CLOSE Reading strategies in my music classroom."

"Susie is an upbeat, positive and totally funny presenter. I was able to implement her strategies the next day!"

"I laughed and learned all day in this great literacy refresher! Perfect for veterans or new teachers."

"Put away your cell phone and doodle pad for this workshop, you'll be too busy soaking up all the amazing strategies, tools and activities Susie presents!"