Institute for Educational Development

Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Mark Clements is a highly experienced, Grades 6-12 Social Studies teacher and applauded presenter at numerous local, state and national conferences. Having embraced and studied the state standards across the nation, he has developed numerous methods for incorporating various elements of nonfiction reading and writing into his classroom including persuasive and explanatory pieces for a wide range of audiences and formats. In his seminars, Mark shares his approach to student learning including student work examples and assessments.

He takes a great deal of pride in developing 'assessment capable learners' within his instruction, empowering students to become their own teachers by clearly defining "Where am I going? Where am I now? And how do I close the gap?" He is the author of, designed to help teachers ensure that in their classrooms, "Not learning is not an option."

Mark is also the author of the extensive resource handbook, Enhancing Your SOCIAL STUDIES Instruction: Practical Strategies (Grades 6-12), which you will receive at the seminar.

Whether you're looking to gain new ideas to help you meet your state's learning standards or to enhance your existing program using all of the best practices of the profession, don't miss this action-packed, humor-filled and thought-provoking seminar designed to help teachers de-stress and ensure ALL students learn at the highest of levels.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"Far better than I could have imagined! I feel as I have learned more today than in some entire courses I have taken."

"This was a great seminar! I wish the rest of my department was able to hear Mark's presentation."

"Excellent! Great passion for the job shown by Mark. I will be able to use many strategies right away in my classroom."

"I feel much more prepared to address my state standards. Thanks! The strategies and resources will be very valuable."

"Very enjoyable, full of ideas, strategies and resources to help me teach more effectively. I will recommend this seminar to my colleagues."

"Great ideas and strategies were shared! Thank you for informing us and modeling for us activities that promote social emotional learning as well as address the standards for reading and writing in the social studies classroom."

"EXCELLENT OVERALL! I learned a lot that will help right away!"

"In 23 years of teaching, this was the most beneficial workshop I have ever attended. I will take back a plethora of ideas to use immediately in my classroom. Thank you!"

"It is clear that Mark not only understands state standards but is able to clearly explain how to apply these standards in the classroom. He gave innovative strategies for classroom engagement. I also appreciated the fact that Mark had a positive demeanor. He encouraged questions and discussions. I'm excited to bring these techniques back to my school."