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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Bethany J. Petty is a highly experienced and current secondary Social Studies teacher and Google Certified Trainer and Educator. Bethany is passionate about helping fellow Social Studies teachers discover outstanding, deliberate and meaningful ways to integrate technology into their classrooms. She has built a solid reputation for her ability to distill and share the best practical ways for using Google Classroom, Tools and Apps to greatly enhance instruction.

Bethany is a frequent presenter on a variety of Google and educational technology topics. She is the author of Illuminate: Technology Enhanced Learning, (EdTechTeam Press, 2018). Bethany is also the author of Making Best Use of Google Classroom to Strengthen Your SOCIAL STUDIES Instruction, the extensive resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar.

Join Bethany for an exciting day of learning and exploration, filled with a wealth of practical ideas for making the most of Google Classroom in your grades 6-12 History/Social Studies program.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“Bethany was great! Perhaps my favorite training/seminar of all time. Thank you!”

So refreshing to finally have something I can take back to my Social Studies classroom and actually utilize!”

“Very helpful – I loved it! I’m inspired and excited to go back to my classroom with all I’ve learned!”

“This seminar was tremendous! Bethany did an excellent job of giving great information that can be used in our classroom tomorrow!”

“Excellent! Valuable tools that I can use in my classroom tomorrow!”

“I am so glad I came to this seminar! I learned many great things about Google Classroom plus new tricks and apps that I look forward to implementing. Thanks!”

“Bethany was well-prepared, knowledgeable and inspirational.”

“I’m leaving with many great ideas about incorporating Google Classroom in my Social Studies program.

“I’ve seen Bethany present before and I always learn so much from her. She’s very well-prepared and makes people feel comfortable in learning.”

“Excellent pace, interaction and lots of great examples of ideas that are specifically applicable in our Social Studies classrooms.”

“This was one of the best, most informative PDs that I’ve ever been to. Thanks!”

Bethany was masterful. She did an excellent job of giving different leveled/differentiated advice and activities. She was very responsive to the needs of the group and extremely knowledgeable.”

“OMG! Awesome workshop! I love what Google Classroom offers to educators and our students!”