Institute for Educational Development

Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Christopher Lange is a highly experienced, innovative and current secondary social studies teacher. He is seen by his peers as a leader of cutting-edge social studies instructional practices. Chris is passionate about helping fellow teachers develop new strategies to powerfully engage and help their students become passionate about and successful in social studies.

All the strategies, lessons and ideas that Chris presents are highly practical and engaging, and stem from the best of what he has found to be successful with his own social studies/history students, ranging from core to advanced AP classes. Participants regularly praise Chris’ ability to break down complex ideas into concise, doable and practical approaches and strategies that can be implemented the very next day.

Join Chris for a high energy, humorous, engaging day packed full of outstanding strategies, ideas and ways you can greatly strengthen your grades 6-12 history/social studies program – no matter what classes you teach.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“I’m so glad I came today! I’m leaving with so many awesome strategies to use with my students!”

Very practical and worthwhile! I’ve been teaching for many years and I learned so much today from Chris.”

“Love the real-world examples that I can apply in my own classroom!”

“Chris is such an engaging and active presenter. He keeps you on your toes!”

“Inspiring and motivating! I can’t wait to implement many of these strategies in my own classroom.”

“Chris not only presents practical strategies. He changes the way you think about teaching social studies.”

Great ideas on how to increase student voice and choice in the classroom each day.”

“Chris gave many practical ideas and methods to engage my students and increase their motivation.”

Many terrific ideas for integrating student leadership in my classes. Can’t wait to try them out!

Very applicable! I will use the resources Chris provided for years to come!”