Institute for Educational Development

Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Diane Ripple is an engaging and enthusiastic presenter and educator. With more than 30 years of experience, she has worked with students with a wide range of abilities. Her expertise in inclusive practices has afforded her the opportunity to work with students with learning disabilities and many other special needs. Diane has presented seminars and ongoing support to numerous school districts and educational agencies on the topic of co-teaching. In her capacity as a professional developer, Diane collaborates with teachers, administrators and families to improve the education and lives of students with diverse needs.

Participants leave Diane's seminars inspired and equipped with a wealth of new ideas they can use immediately.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"Diane presents real-life practical strategies I can take back to my classroom tomorrow."
Brandy Velazquez, CPS Teacher

"I enjoyed Diane's seminar very much. Excited to share this information with other staff members. I'm also excited to try some of these strategies."
Jen Hanson, Special Ed. Teacher

"Diane is very informative and enthusiastic about her topic."
Rose Scheidt, Special Ed. Teacher

"Diane is a great presenter and I learned some new strategies to incorporate into my classroom."
Brooke Candra, Special Ed. Teacher

"Diane does a great job! Lots of information for me to take and use in the classroom."
Abril Lens, Case Manager/Special Ed. Teacher

"I truly enjoyed Diane's seminar. I will give her name to my principal so he can contact her for a seminar with our staff."
Denise M. Samuel, Special Ed. Teacher

"Diane is a great presenter! The time flew by. Great differentiation strategies. I left with 10 ideas to try by June!"
Kathleen Larrivey, Teacher

"Diane's seminar was very helpful and I look forward to implementing new strategies into the classroom."
Marissa Rosa, Special Ed. Teacher

"Diane presents many great tools and strategies to use with my students and future students."
Jennifer Kay, Special Ed. Case Manager

"Diane's entire seminar was engaging, thoughtful and fun. I feel like I have plenty of ideas and strategies I want to use immediately."
Justin Enzrnbacher, Special Ed. Teacher