Institute for Educational Development

Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Melissa Robertson is an outstanding educator, consultant, and national speaker, who is known for her highly practical approaches to strengthening co-teaching on behalf of students. With over 25 years of experience as a co-teacher, Melissa has an extraordinary passion for special education and inclusive practices, and shares her practical strategies with educators in order to see improving outcomes for students.

Melissa's approach is based on student strengths and the perspective that all students deserve to have a sense of belonging and high levels of academic achievement. Melissa is the author of CO-TEACHING: Effective Strategies for the Successful Co-Taught, Inclusive Classroom, the resource handbook available for every participant. Through her engaging seminars and work as a consultant, Melissa is committed to sharing exemplary inclusive practices for strengthening co-teaching to better meet students' needs.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"The seminar was engaging, informative and so practical."

"I can't thank Melissa enough for sharing her tips on how to improve communication between co-teachers. This will truly benefit my team."

"Melissa's passion to create rigorous learning for all students in a collaborative team approach is contagious!"

"This thoughtful seminar helped me really understand what inclusive practices are and how they are for all students!"

"Melissa is an engaging and dynamic presenter. Her years of experience have given me countless new ideas to take back to my classroom."

"As someone new to co-teaching, this seminar has really given me the tools I need to get started!"

"Melissa's strategies were so practical and will be used immediately in my classroom!"

"It is clear that Melissa has a strong background in the areas of co-teaching and inclusive practices. She makes the topics so easy to understand. I can't wait to get started!"