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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

LAURA BASKALL SMITH is an experienced speech-language pathologist specializing in the assessment and treatment of children with motor speech disorders. She has worked as a school based SLP, private practitioner, consultant, and supervisor. Laura is the recipient of the 2016 American SpeechLanguage Hearing Media Award for garnering nationwide awareness for Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS). Her passion for the field gained new heights when her daughter was diagnosed with CAS at the age of three. Laura is a highly sought-after presenter on the topic of CAS and enjoys sharing her unique knowledge and perspective as both an SLP and parent to a child with multiple speech and language disorders. She is the author of Overcoming Apraxia (Bowker, 2019), a memoir on the family experience when a child has CAS. Laura is also the author of CHILDHOOD APRAXIA OF SPEECH: Practical Treatment Strategies for More Intelligible Speech (Grades PreK-8), the extensive digital handbook you will receive at the seminar. Join Laura for a fast-paced day full of the latest evidence-based techniques and therapy protocols for working successfully with students with CAS.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

Laura was very knowledgeable! She provided great videos and wonderful samples of useful activities for helping students with CAS.”

“Laura was very interesting and super practical! I loved hearing all the real-life examples she shared.”

“Great day! I loved the case studies and video examples.

“Laura brings a great deal of enthusiasm and personal knowledge to the topic. It was very interesting that Laura's daughter has CAS. Thanks for all the practical ideas and approaches!”