Institute for Educational Development

Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Diane Ripple is an engaging and enthusiastic presenter and educator. With more than 30 years of experience, she has worked with students with a wide range of abilities. Her expertise in inclusive practices has afforded her the opportunity to work with students with learning disabilities and many other special needs.

Diane has presented seminars and ongoing support to numerous school districts and educational agencies. In her capacity as a professional developer, Diane collaborates with teachers, administrators and families to improve the education and lives of students with diverse needs.

Participants leave Diane’s seminars inspired and equipped with a wealth of new ideas they can use immediately.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“Thanks to Diane’s seminar, I finally understand the difference between differentiation, accommodations and modifications.”

“Diane Ripple’s presentations have been the most engaging, practical and valuable that I have attended in my ten years teaching. I enjoyed learning from her and look forward to seeing her again next year.”

“Diane’s seminar was extremely helpful, informative and FUN! The day went fast and I enjoyed the group interaction. I hope to attend a future seminar. I appreciate her concern and love of children!”

“I totally enjoyed Diane’s seminar. Everything she offered was smart, thoughtful and easily transferable from seminar to practice!”

“Diane provides training that is very relevant to today’s teaching. Great examples! I really loved the hands-on activities!

“Diane’s seminar was very helpful. I learned much more than I could have learned in books and videos on differentiated instruction.”

“I learned practicing Diane’s strategies makes all the difference in the world.”

“Diane is an excellent presenter. She made a lot of connections by explaining concepts using real experiences. I would definitely recommend this seminar.”