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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

RACHEL JORGENSEN is an emerging leader in the world of special education with a specific passion for preventing burnout and sustaining educators in this profession. After years in the field of special education, she is a special educator who still loves her job every day. She is the author of Loving Your Job in Special Education: 50 Tips and Tools (Routledge, 2022). Her professional mission is to help special education teacher sthrive in their work and overcome stressors so that they may maximize the learning of their students. Rachel is also the author of Improving Learning Outcomes for STUDENTS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS (Grades K-12), the extensive digital handbook created specifically for this seminar. Rachel brings her passion, energy and unique experience to this seminar and she is excited to share this with you!

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“I appreciate the practical application activities that help me process the important suggestions in this seminar and use them in my personal situation as a special education teacher.”

“Learning from Rachel has actually made me reconsider my retirement plans because it has reminded me how much I love my work with students.”

What a wonderful seminar! This seminar should be a requirement in all college programs that prepare teachers in Special Education.”

“As a ten-year veteran of Special Education, the seminar material and implementing the techniques has rekindled my passion for my career.

“This seminar was extremely helpful for me and I am recommending it to my colleagues! I particularly appreciated the strategies to balance loving our students and loving ourselves.”

“I am glad someone has taken the time to develop a seminar about the good side of teaching special education. I will be returning to the resources from this seminar many times in the future.

“She was great and this day was incredibly valuable. I will put most of the approaches into practice immediately.”