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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Cari Orts is an experienced Google for Education Certified Trainer, elementary level classroom teacher and Instructional Technologist. Cari is passionate about helping fellow elementary teachers powerfully leverage Google Classroom, tools and apps. She particularly enjoys helping teachers utilize engaging curricula and strategies where multiple subject areas can be addressed in one lesson! Cari is always up for a challenge and encourages her attendees to do the same.

She enjoys presenting to educators, helping them discover practical ways to realize a more technology-rich, connected classroom that’s easy to manage. She also enjoys sharing her love of creating a collaborative learning environment where students are empowered to stretch and reach their full potential. Cari is the author of Making Best Use of GOOGLE CLASSROOM to Enhance Student Engagement and Learning (Grades K-6), the extensive resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar.

Great ideas can strike anytime. Join Cari to learn outstanding ways to make best use of Google Classroom including how Google Classroom and G Suite for Education can enable you to quickly share those great ideas of yours with your grades K-6 learners.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

Outstanding! Cari – thank you so much for lighting the Google fire under me!”

“Cari Orts made the entire seminar very easy to understand and user-friendly. I’m feeling successful.”

“Cari is an awesome presenter and very informative!!”

“The seminar today was really great! Cari’s pacing was excellent!

“Cari has not forgotten her experiences as a teacher now that she is teaching adults. Terrific seminar!

“Cari was awesome! She was energetic, knowledgeable and very helpful!”

“Loved the ideas I got from this training. I am beyond excited to use them with my students!!!”

“Thank you! This seminar was invaluable to me as a K-6 librarian.”

“Cari did a wonderful job today! She’s very enthusiastic, personable and a great presenter. Thanks, Cari!”

I am excited to put my newfound info into practice!”

“This was by far the most useful professional development that I can remember.”