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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Christalle Hart is an experienced elementary school teacher, Instructional Technology Coach and Google Certified Educator. She not only has used Google Classroom extensively with her own students, but now trains and coaches other grades K-6 teachers on how to make best use of Google Classroom. Christalle has built a reputation for being a tech-savvy educator and skilled presenter on all things Google.

She loves helping fellow educators discover practical ways to leverage Google Classroom, tools, apps, and Chrome extensions to greatly enhance learning in their grades K-6 classrooms. Christalle enjoys sharing effective ways to engage students in tech-rich environments that develop creativity, critical thinking, effective communication and collaboration. Christalle is the author of Making the Best Use of GOOGLE CLASSROOM to Strengthen Your Instruction (K-6), the extensive resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar.

Join Christalle for an outstanding day full of specific ways you can get the most out of Google Classroom to strengthen instruction in your grades K-6 classroom.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

I love all the resources Christalle shared – her handbook and getting access to her Google Classroom. Can’t wait to try many of these in my classroom!”

Christalle’s classroom experience truly enriches this presentation. I’m leaving with many new ideas and resources I can use immediately.”

“Christalle was an excellent presenter! Google Classroom was new for me and I not only learned so much, but Christalle made it seem doable.”

“Everything today was very practical and relevant! I can’t wait to start using this tomorrow in my classroom.”

“I really enjoyed Christalle’s seminar. Highly interactive and never a dull moment!

“This was a fantastic presentation. I learned a lot and can’t wait to start using my new Google Classroom.”

“Christalle was patient and clear. She made me feel confident while trying out new technology.”

“I would highly recommend this training to anyone considering Google Classroom. Christalle provided so many great ideas for enhancing my instruction with Google Classroom.”

Knowledgeable and approachable—these are two words that immediately come to mind after Christalle’s seminar. Thank you!”

“Technology is normally intimidating for me but Christalle built my confidence and has shown me some great and exciting ways to get up and going with Google Classroom.”

A completely worthwhile day! I’m leaving with many ideas that I can immediately use. Can’t wait to try these with my students!”