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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Alyson Rumberger is an outstanding presenter and a superb teacher with extensive teaching experience in grades K-2. As a classroom teacher and instructional technology specialist, Alyson is driven to support teachers with curriculum design, professional development and technology integration using innovative approaches to technology. She provides practical strategies for K-2 teachers to use whether they are relooking at current applications or exploring new ones.

She has spent over a decade teaching, coaching, and researching in the field of education with a variety of audiences but has a passion for primary students. Alyson is the author of Increasing Student Learning Using Tech Tools Ideal for Grades K-2, the extensive resource handbook each participant will receive. You won't want to miss this day filled with practical information and ready-to-use ideas for grades K-2.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"Alyson was amazing! I learned things in this seminar I could directly apply to my classroom."

"Alyson is extremely organized. The handbook is great and so useful as a reference. Also, the explicit ideas she shared really helped me to reflect on my classroom."

"I am so grateful for Alyson's availability to discuss my questions and concerns during the seminar. I found so many of the activities, materials and ideas to be valuable in this seminar. Alyson demonstrated a lot of strategies we could use right away."

"I learned a lot from her and feel more equipped and to apply technology in my classroom."

"Alyson presented materials in very interesting and engaging ways. She also provided us with so many tools that we can actually take into our teaching practice."

"I absolutely love Alyson! Her seminar was truly a pleasure to take. Would recommend anyone to take it if they are looking for great ideas for their classroom."

"I loved my opportunity to work and learn with Alyson. Alyson was knowledgeable, creative, and provided me with many tech tools that I use daily with my students. I especially enjoyed learning about how to use a green screen with my students!"