Institute for Educational Development

Uniquely Qualified Instructor

DR. JEANETTE MOORE is an outstanding educator and consultant with a wide variety of experience. She has served as a classroom instructor, independent practitioner, district literacy consultant, assessment specialist trainer, professional development coordinator and is passionate about designing high-quality professional development that can be easily replicated by others. Jeanette is the author of many children’s books, learning games, and the comprehensive digital resource handbook, Maximize Reading and Math Gains: Achieving Over a Year’s Growth in Less than a School Year, all participants will receive at the two-day institute. Jeanette brings years of diverse experience to her seminars in providing practical and replicable professional development with a wealth of ideas you’ll want to use immediately as you train others. She is a highly effective presenter whose excitement about professional development is contagious. Spend two days with Jeanette where she will share dozens of highly practical tips, tools and materials you can adopt or adapt right away.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

Jeanette is knowledgeable, available, resourceful, motivated and friendly!

“I really like working with Jeanette because she is so incredibly knowledgeable that she doesn’t ever make anyone feel excluded. She is very patient and will bend over backward to help a colleague, any time of day!”

Smart, practical, resourceful!

Jeanette is so knowledgeable and knows exactly how to make all of this practical and easy to implement.”