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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

ROBERT GERVER, Ph.D. is an engaging and dynamic presenter, and a Presidential Awardee for Excellence in Mathematics Teaching. Robert brings his extensive, practical secondary math teaching experience to his seminars. Robert is a regular speaker at state, regional and national math conferences and is known for his relevant and effective approaches for helping struggling math students. Robert has authored twenty-seven mathematics books and numerous journal articles. He is a co-author of Financial Algebra: Advanced Algebra with Financial Applications, published by National Geographic/Cengage Learning (2021), and he consults with school districts across the country on Financial Algebra course implementation. Robert's articles have been featured in numerous NCTM publications. He received the Chevron Best Practices in Education Award for a high school math research program he created. In 2017, Robert was inducted into his state's Math Educators Hall of Fame for his contributions to the profession. Robert is also the author of Advanced Algebra with Financial Applications: An Alternative 3rd or 4th Year Math Course for Struggling Students, the extensive digital resource handbook you will receive at the seminar.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

The Financial Algebra activities that Dr. Gerver presented were phenomenal. I'm excited to use them with my students.”

“Today really energized me. There were so many useful and creative activities presented. I am motivated to get started!”

“I can't believe how much interesting mathematics I learned in Rob's seminar. I received so many awesome ideas I can't wait to try.”

Robert was absolutely inspiring. I am feeling empowered to create a Financial Algebra course in my own school.”