Institute for Educational Development

Uniquely Qualified Instructor

SONYA HEINEMAN KUNKEL is an outstanding administrator and teacher with more than 35 years of experience working with educators of students with disabilities. Sonya has been honored with many awards such as the state Inclusion Educator of the Year for her dedication and passion for teaching her students with special needs. Sonya is the author of her state’s touted Alternate Route to Certification for Special Education Cross Endorsement – a licensure program that produces special education teachers from already certified district personnel. Sonya is well known for her practical, cutting edge strategies and brings a sense of humor, enthusiasm, and inspiration to her highly organized seminars and institutes. You will gain dozens of ideas for recruiting and retaining special education teachers. This half-day intensive institute is designed for administrators, leaders, and human resources personnel seeking to build higher quality staffing to meet the diverse and unique needs of your students with disabilities.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

I like the perspectives Sonya brought to this institute, as well as her accessibility for answering questions. Very helpful!”

“Such a valuable and thorough presentation and I learned so much!”

“Sonya is so friendly and knowledgeable. She was a great resource for improving our special education program.

“Sonya had many ideas to share; she was a pleasure to learn from.

I like Sonya’s take on special education. So many great tips and resources.

“I love the special education resources that Sonya shared and the discussion with other groups around the country in this collaborative format.”

Excellent presenter and wonderful leadership ideas!

“Sonya has lots of great information and explained using many different examples.

“Useful information we can’t wait to try!