Institute for Educational Development

Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Laura Shemancik is a highly experienced special education teacher, co-teacher, and national presenter who knows firsthand the daily challenges of supporting all learners while maintaining rigor and Specially Designed Instruction in a co-taught classroom. Laura's many years of teaching special education in K-12 schools also includes collaborating with her general education counterparts to support improved inclusivity and equity across all educational settings. Laura's seminars will have you engaged, inspired, and challenged while feeling invigorated and ready to try new strategies in your own co-taught classroom. You will leave this seminar with a toolbox of classroom-tested strategies that support not only you as the teacher but also your students receiving Specially Designed Instruction in your own co-taught classroom.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“I loved trying out the strategies we can use with our students. Laura shared many resources we can revisit and use.

“Loved it! I learned so much and will continue to learn even more to help my special education students with learning and retaining information.”

“Excellent! Clear, engaging, and great information.

“I really appreciate how organized and prepared Laura was. Her seminar is amazing! Such great content and I am very excited to try what I learned in my classroom.”

“This was really awesome information. I learned new things, but also thought very differently about things I already knew. Laura is an amazing presenter!”

“As usual Laura, your seminars are always well worth my time! I always come away with new learning and confirmation of previously learned strategies and understandings!”

“I'm very motivated to use the ideas that were shared and feel more empowered to encourage my colleagues to consider using these research-based techniques in their instruction, regardless of where it's taking place.”