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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

CHRISTIN MENTRIKOSKI is a national presenter on topics related to language and academic success, who is dedicated to helping school-based SLPs treat students with Developmental Language Disorder. Christin is passionate about narrative and expository language interventions as well as supporting the literacy needs of her students. She worked with a special educator to build a co-teaching model to support students with Developmental Language Disorder in the classroom setting. Join Christin for this idea-packed seminar, filled with practical strategies and intervention for students with Developmental Language Disorder.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

Christin Mentrikoski was a knowledgeable, engaging presenter. Her deep level of content knowledge came across while she simultaneously presented in a way that was accessible to a room full of people at all levels of experience with the content.”

Christin left me feeling prepared and knowledgeable - and piqued my interest to find more. It's a good day when you can walk away with all that!”

“Christin found that delicate balance between being clearly prepared and open to questioning. Her aim was clear; to equip her audience with practical tools for the classroom - all based in the latest research.”

“Her ability to link current research to practical teaching is truly a gift to the listener. She takes her job seriously and presents with clarity. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing what Christin had to say.”

“Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation. I am looking forward to implementing your strategies with a few of my kiddos.”

I loved your enthusiasm and accessibility of the material on Working Memory.”

Christin is a wonderful, engaging presenter! She is incredibly knowledgeable and uses her therapy and classroom experiences to provide examples and anecdotes that help her audience bridge knowledge to practice.”