Institute for Educational Development

Uniquely Qualified Instructor

A.J. Galli is a highly experienced teacher and educational consultant. In addition to teaching, A.J. is passionate about supporting elementary school students with innovative approaches to teaching and learning.

He provides practical ideas for K-6 teachers whether they are teaching in a traditional setting or in a virtual one. A.J. is the author of Using Technology to Strengthen Student Learning (Grades K-6), the extensive technology digital resource handbook each participant will receive. Join A.J. for an exciting session filled with lots of ideas, tools, and resources, and explore how technology can increase learning for your students!

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“A.J. has an amazing knowledge base in technology. So helpful!”

“A.J.'s passion and commitment to children and teachers is obvious to all.”

A.J.'s energy and enthusiasm is a breath of fresh air. He generated an enthusiasm that was contagious.”

“A.J. has a real talent in connecting to his learners with technology and sparking true learning and enthusiasm.”

“A.J. was very helpful and is truly an expert on integrating and accelerating learning with technology!

I am so thankful for A.J. and ALL that I learned today!”