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8:00 am – 2:30 pm

November 18, 2022

$279.00 per person

Strengthen Your PHYSICAL EDUCATION Program Using Station Teaching (Grades K-8)

NEW Seminar Presented By
Carrie Flint

Outstanding K-8 Physical Education Teacher, Adapted Physical Education Specialist, National Presenter, and Author

Specifically designed for Physical Education Teachers, Specialists, and Classroom Teachers that teach Physical Education, working with students in Grades K-8

  • Optimize your PE minutes with powerful stations that will keep your students moving and on task
  • Fitness circuits that even your reluctant students will find motivating
  • Practical activities specific to small group stations in your PE classes
  • Dynamic and engaging demonstrations of skill-building stations

Practical Strategies

Join outstanding PE teacher and national presenter, Carrie Flint, for an innovative NEW seminar filled with practical strategies perfect for all K-8 physical education teachers who want to enhance their program with innovative station teaching ideas! In this unique and highly practical seminar, you will learn dozens of ideas to strengthen your PE instruction while creating a more positive attitude in all your students – even those who have little or no confidence in their own physical abilities. Carrie has taken what she has found works in her own PE programs and packed it into a day filled with strategies, creative lessons, management tips, assessment ideas, recommended equipment and homemade options, and adaptations of station activities to accommodate the wide range of student abilities you have in your own classes. Carrie’s focus is on “doable solutions” rather than “bells and whistles” for developing and increasing students’ physical fitness using station-to-station teaching and for adapting any teaching environment no matter what obstacles you face. Whether you are experienced or new to teaching PE, you will walk away with exciting and engaging station teaching strategies you can immediately implement in your own PE program.

Ten Key Benefits of Attending

  1. Discover the Many Benefits of Using Station to Station Teaching in Your PE Class
    Innovative and proven strategies to engage and excite all your students in physical education … Learn about new stations that will leave your students feeling so much better about movement and fitness
  2. Develop an Inclusive PE Program that Uses Stations to Increase Success for All Students
    Innovative, inclusive stations and strategies to help all students have a more positive experience in your PE program, regardless of their skills and abilities … Make PE the best part of everyone’s day!
  3. Help Your Students Develop a Physical Fitness Growth Mindset
    Help your students embrace their own physical fitness without comparing themselves to others … Learn practical strategies to use station teaching to better assist students in setting personal goals and increase their self-confidence
  4. Experience New and Innovative Stations that Align with the National PE Standards
    Discover a wide variety of station-to-station activities to strengthen your current program and meet national physical education standards
  5. Innovative NEW Stations That Get Your Students Really Moving
    NASPE recommends that physical fitness should be a product of play to make it part of daily life … Replace the old fitness circuit new and innovative stations using new approaches that will get your students moving and having fun
  6. Ideas to Establish and Maintain a More Positive and Cooperative PE Environment
    Stations create a safer and more positive environment where students can participate without fear or dread of their perceived lack of physical abilities … Learn new station Ideas that can easily be implemented in your PE classes immediately
  7. Utilize a Station-to-Station Approach for Your Entire PE Class
    Keep your students engaged and motivated to learn with an innovative lesson design that keeps your students moving and on task … Learn this creative solution to keeping your students continuously moving and engaged
  8. Fitness Stations for the Body and the Brain
    We know that exercise and movement can greatly increase the brain’s readiness for learning … Discover specific stations focusing on exercising the body and brain that will help increase overall school success for your students
  9. Successfully Organize Stations Designed Specifically for the Unique Management Needs of PE Teachers
    Teaching strategies and class-management ideas to implement stations and address large class sizes, lack of equipment, teaching indoors and outdoors, creative techniques to make the most of your valuable PE instructional time
  10. Receive an Extensive Digital Resource Handbook for PE STATION TEACHING
    Each participant will receive an extensive digital resource handbook filled with practical strategies, methods, activities, and much more to help you get your students moving with innovative new stations!

Specific Topics

Here's what you'll learn:
  • The benefits of station-to-station physical education lessons
  • Get all your students moving in fun and safe ways
  • Station ideas to overcome the challenges of little or no PE equipment
  • Reaching reluctant and unmotivated students who don’t want to participate in PE
  • Fitness Circuits that will accommodate all abilities and large groups of students
  • Using music to enhance your station-to-station PE lessons
  • Practical strategies to help your students develop a growth mindset and embrace their own physical fitness and abilities without comparing themselves to others
  • Numerous, readily available music playlists created for specific PE skill stations and themes
  • Creative station ideas to teach specific for skills, fitness, and sports
  • Innovative ways to better incorporate nutrition and health concepts into your PE classes
  • Recommended teaching tools and low-cost or free resources specific for creating stations
  • How to use music as a motivator and a time-management tool with implementing station lesson plans
  • Station tips and ideas and tips for addressing the wide range of skills and needs of all your students to create a more inclusive PE program

A Message from Your Seminar Leader

Dear Colleague:

The experience our students have during physical activity in any environment (PE, distance learning program, recess, recreational) can stay with them for the rest of their lives. Research has shown that if it is a negative experience, it is more likely that the student will live an inactive lifestyle as an adult – and if it is positive, they will develop active and healthy, lifelong habits. I believe that we, as PE teachers, can make the positive difference for our students – even those who have already developed a fixed mindset about their own physical abilities and limits. In this one-day, highly practical seminar, I hope to inspire you with new station teaching ideas and strategies to enhance your existing PE program.

I developed this seminar for all PE teachers who are looking for innovative ways to create more inclusive programs where students are actively participating at their own skill levels and are working in stations together in fun and engaging ways. I have taught all grade levels, all populations, and at numerous schools. I have always utilized stations and I have refined my understanding of what works for all students all ages and all populations. I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned from my own practice … all of the ideas, lessons, music, routines and how I create as well as how I teach a station-based lessons. In addition, I will share dozens of ways to use music to better motivate and manage students, ideas for adapting stations to meet the needs of students with special needs, assessment tips, time and classroom management strategies, low-cost or free resources you won’t want to miss, positive play and cooperative activities to promote full inclusion, tips for teaching foundational gross motor skills, and much, much more!

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to participate in a high-energy seminar that encourages maximum participation in physical education stations for all students! You will leave with strategies, activities, and ready-to-go stations you can use immediately in your own physical education program.

Carrie Flint

P.S. This is a practical and doable “station teaching strategies” focused seminar to help you make the most of your PE station time with students!

Who Should Attend

Physical Education Teachers, Specialists, and Classroom Teachers that teach Physical Education, working with students in Grades K-8

Special Benefits of Attending

  1. Extensive Resource Handbook
    Each participant will receive an extensive digital resource handbook specifically designed for this seminar. The handbook includes:
    • Helpful tips and strategies to enhance your station-to-station based lessons
    • Fun and engaging fitness activities for stations and playlists matching music to each activity
    • Skill-based station activity ideas, music recommendations and tips for successful implementation
    • Innovative station ideas on numerous topics addressing National PE standards.
    • Lists and links to helpful resources available for PE teachers
  2. Meet and Share
    This seminar provides a wonderful opportunity for participants to meet and share ideas with other educators interested in enhancing their Grades K-8 physical education program.
  3. Consultation Available
    Carrie Flint will be available at the seminar for consultation regarding your questions and the unique needs of your own PE program.
  4. Semester Credit Option:
    UMASS Logo Graduate level professional development credit is available with an additional fee and completion of follow up practicum activities. Details for direct enrollment with University of Massachusetts Global, a nonprofit affiliate of the University of Massachusetts, will be available at the seminar.
  5. Meet Inservice Requirements:
    At the end of the program, each attendee will receive a certificate of participation that may be used to verify hours of participation in meeting continuing education requirements.