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Engaging Your Music Students Through Popular Music: Integrating Popular Music into Your Music Program (Grades 6-12)

NEW Seminar Presented By

Outstanding Educator and National Presenter

Specifically Designed for Middle and High School Instrumental Music Teachers, Choral Music Teachers, Vocal Music Teachers and General Music Teachers

  • Practical strategies to engage your grade 6-12 students using popular musics
  • Innovative teaching strategies and lessons to integrate popular musics into your existing instrumental, choral, vocal or general music program
  • Hands-on resources to engage students in creating and crafting original music and arrangements
  • Receive an extensive Secondary Music resource handbook filled with innovative ideas, music resources and outstanding music lesson plans you can use right away

Practical Strategies

In this NEW resource-packed seminar, nationally recognized popular music educator Kat Reinhert will inspire you to invigorate your music program and motivate your students to take greater ownership of their musical lives and become lifelong music makers. You will learn new, innovative techniques and methods that will more deeply engage your students, connect with your community and celebrate diversity through engagement with popular music traditions. You will learn ways to incorporate popular music pedagogies, technology and songwriting strategies when working within popular music genres.

In addition, you will learn classroom-tested, ready-to-use strategies to align your lessons and unit plans with national and state music standards. You'll leave this seminar inspired and equipped with myriad ideas and resources to invigorate and strengthen your existing instrumental, choral, vocal and general music program in grades 6-12.

Ten Key Benefits of Attending

  1. Explore Ways to Integrate Popular Music Into Your Existing Music Program
    Discover how to navigate the challenges of integrating popular music into your current program … Learn useful tools to integrate popular music into your instrumental, choral, vocal or general music classroom
  2. Empower Your Students With Their Own Music
    When students feel their ideas and interests are valued and seen, they are more likely to engage holistically with the material presented to them
  3. Connect to Your Students' Unique Experiences and Personalities
    Working with popular music helps students connect to the world around them … When students feel ownership, they are more likely to be engaged in the music making process
  4. Understand the Building Blocks and Categories of Popular Songs
    Learn how to quickly identify melody, harmony, form, prosody and popular song categories to help your students deepen their understanding and increase their ability to identify the important components of music
  5. Engage With Technology
    Learn how to more effectively use the technology common to popular music ensembles (modern band) as well as interacting with current applications and digital music creation programs
  6. Increase Students' Active Listening Skills
    Develop your students' understanding of form and instrumentation through popular music … Engage students in new activities that develop their listening skills
  7. Bridge the Gap Between Student Creativity and Common Music Education Classroom Practices
    Learn ways to bridge the gaps between what students need to learn through music and what they listen to in their daily lives … Increase students' engagement and enhance your instrumental, vocal or general music program
  8. Interact with Your Students in the Process of Music Making
    Learn how to improve creativity and engage with your students as a facilitator of their music learning
  9. Build Independent Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills
    Foster student creative problem solving … Develop independent thinking skills that translate to other subject areas
  10. Receive an Extensive Secondary Music Resource Handbook
    You'll receive an extensive resource handbook with detailed descriptions and practical classroom applications of each of the tools and strategies presented during the seminar

Specific Topics

Here's what you'll learn:
  • Engage with technology common to popular music ensembles (modern band)
  • Practical assessments and rubrics that are effective when teaching a large number of students
  • How to engage students in activities that develop their listening skills using popular music as a basis for learning form and instrumentation
  • Ways to encourage student creative problem solving to develop independent thinking skills that translate to other subject areas
  • Explore ways to integrate popular music into your music program
  • Investigate creative ways to craft lyrics through collaboration and prompts
  • Empower your students in creating their own music
  • Understand the building blocks and categories of popular songs
  • Classroom-tested strategies and prompts to develop your own craft of songwriting that translate to helping your students develop their own craft
  • Help your students connect to the world around them through popular music
  • Discover how working in small groups helps to create and replicate music through student-centered informal and non-formal learning spaces
  • Learn how to not only foster creativity, but engage with your students as a facilitator of their learning in a student-centered democratic classroom
  • Enhance your knowledge of the different pedagogies connected to popular musics
  • How to help students understand the relationship to the music they listen to and its impact on their lives
  • Learn ways to bridge the gaps between what students need to learn through music and what they enjoy
  • Establish an environment of trust where students can feel safe to create, to fail and to share their ideas
  • Define and problematize popular music
  • Discover ways to help your students (and yourself) achieve optimal vocal health
  • Learn how to use technology to help students create and understand music

A Message from Your Seminar Leader

Dear Colleague:

As a vocalist, songwriter and artist who always wanted more access to music I loved in school, I am keenly aware of the long road ahead to engaging more students and teachers in teaching strategies that address these inconsistencies. For twenty years, I had the amazing opportunity to hone my teaching skills as I worked with students in grades 6 through 12. I constantly looked for ways to engage my students in music they were interested in – which was often something on the radio or in popular culture – while simultaneously holding and maintaining the music education standards. Fast-forward to today and the discoveries I have made about integrating popular music strategies and learning there was so much that I had missed because I didn't have access or didn't even know what I didn't know. I want something different for you.

Join me for a fast-paced, informational and hands-on seminar and leave with countless new insights, strategies and classroom-tested tools that show you how to integrate popular music strategies easily into your existing instrumental, vocal and general music program! I am extremely passionate about sharing my knowledge with like-minded colleagues where we can have a day to all learn from each other!

I am so looking forward to sharing the knowledge I have with you – to connecting and celebrating our passion for music and music education as a lifelong pursuit that enhances all our lives. Together, we will journey into the vast field of popular music and all it provides to our lives and our students. Be prepared to come out on the other side with strategies, innovative ideas and tips to engage your students holistically and to help create lifelong music makers and listeners.

Kat Reinhert

P.S. You will receive my extensive resource handbook, packed with ideas and strategies to implement into your classroom. I hope you will join me!

Who Should Attend

Middle and High School Instrumental Music Teachers, Choral Music Teachers, Vocal Music Teachers and General Music Teachers

Special Benefits of Attending

  1. Extensive Music Teacher Resource Handbook:
    Each participant will receive an extensive secondary music resource handbook specifically designed for this seminar. The handbook includes:
    • Outstanding music lesson plans you can use right away
    • Lists of web-based technology apps and websites that engage students with popular music and help to make your work easier
    • Reproducible materials, handouts, worksheets, posters, and more that you can use immediately in the classroom
    • A list of 20 songwriting prompts you can use immediately to generate original music with your students – and tips on how to generate your own
    • Age appropriate repertoire list that includes ranges for singers
  2. Meet and Share:
    This seminar provides a wonderful opportunity for participants to meet and share ideas with other educators interested in integrating popular music into their music program.
  3. Consultation Available:
    Kat Reinhert will be available at the seminar for consultation regarding your questions and the unique needs of your own music program.
  4. Semester Credit Option:
    Brandman University Logo Graduate level professional development credit is available with an additional fee and completion of follow up practicum activities. Details for direct enrollment with Brandman University, part of the Chapman University system, will be available at the seminar.
  5. Meet Inservice Requirements:
    At the end of the program, each attendee will receive a certificate of participation that may be used to verify hours of participation in meeting continuing education requirements.