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Date: January 23, 2019

$259.00 per person
Group Price: $239.00
*For 3 or more people regestering at the same time

Top AP Scores: Help Your ADVANCED PLACEMENT Students Attain the Highest Levels of Success (Grades 9-12)

NEW Seminar Presented By
Andrew Grieve

Outstanding Advanced Placement Teacher, Consultant and National Presenter

Specifically Designed for Educators Serving Students in Grades 9-12 Advanced Placement Programs: AP Teachers, AP Coordinators, Administrators, and Counselors

  • Resources and Strategies for creating a classroom and a program that supports students in earning all 4s and 5s
  • Proven techniques for dramatically improving the quality of the Advanced Placement experience for your students
  • Innovative ways to collaborate and maximize the impact of Advanced Placement programs in your classroom, school and district
  • Exemplary ways outstanding programs are achieving maximum results and addressing academic deficits

Practical Strategies

As Advanced Placement programs around the country have increased dramatically in size, many teachers, program coordinators, administrators, and counselors have been left wondering how best to create a program that has long lasting, sustainable and positive effects on the students they serve. In this NEW one-day seminar, Andrew Grieve will introduce the elements and principles that go together to make truly excellent Advanced Placement classrooms, great Advanced Placement programs, and how to support students in achieving high levels of success in Advanced Placement.

Andrew will provide concrete steps to help you improve your program, and techniques to inspire your students to excel in your school’s most rigorous coursework. Many programs outperform their projected outcomes. How do these programs thrive? What methods do they employ? How do they achieve equity and access in a broad-based effort to motivate their students to achieve excellence? This seminar will answer these and many other essential questions.

Join Andrew for a lively, thought provoking and engaging day filled with practical steps you can take to greatly enhance the success of your AP students.

Ten Key Benefits of Attending

  1. Maximize the Success of Your Advanced Placement Programs
    Discover the key components of creating high performing Advanced Placement programs … Gain effective strategies that have proven successful with demographics that your students share
  2. Encourage Greater Participation in Your AP Programs
    Acquire techniques to reach out to students about the benefits as well as the rigor of Advanced Placement … Refine the message your students are getting about AP to motivate student participation
  3. Maximize Equity and Access to Your AP Programs
    Learn specific ways you can maximize equity and access to your AP programs … Acquire practical methods for assuring your AP population mirrors the demographics of your student population
  4. Leverage Your AP Team in Building a Culture of Achievement
    Establish and engage your team in working toward a common goal with essential and distinct roles … Learn how to help your team make maximal impact
  5. Celebrate the Successes of Your AP Community
    Learn how to create a program complete with positive feedback loops that celebrates scores and encourages growth … Make Advanced Placement a visible part of your school’s culture
  6. Why Some AP Programs Succeed Way Beyond Their Projected Success and Others Fall Short
    Discover and then emulate the secrets of success that highly successful Advanced Placement programs employ … Here’s how to make small changes that will have a lasting impact
  7. Teaching Well vs Teaching AP Well
    Acquire and leverage the skillset that ALL successful AP teachers have in common: using data to improve, harnessing the magic of April and understanding the necessity of mastery learning … Enhance and elevate AP instruction
  8. Productively Involve Your Parents to Enhance Student Success
    Facilitate productive parent participation in rigorous coursework by enlisting their aid in three specific areas … Diminish potentially negative consequences and educate your parents about how they can best help
  9. Discern Which Advanced Placement Models are Right for Your Setting
    Gain tools to help take the temperature and identify those factors that unite your school and district … There is only one model that is right for your AP Community
  10. Receive an Extensive Advanced Placement Resource Handbook
    You will receive a detailed Advanced Placement resource handbook, specifically designed for this seminar and filled with practical strategies, techniques and ideas to help you support your AP students in achieving remarkable success

Specific Topics

Here's what you'll learn:
  • All 4s and 5s – specific ways to maximize the success of your Advanced Placement students and program
  • How to support your students both academically and emotionally in their enrollment in Advanced Placement
  • Ways to give students the support they need through an Advanced Placement outreach team
  • Strategies for constructing a summer program that creates a culture of excellence
  • Ways to troubleshoot the difficult process of changing your program from one with potential to one that delivers results
  • Strategies for creating a climate change in your school and district to enable teachers and students to perform their best
  • Methods for achieving maximum positive impact in communicating with all your stakeholders
  • How to create effective messaging that resonates with your faculty, students, and parents
  • Effective ways to celebrate academic success in your unique setting and to ensure celebration creates positive feedback loops
  • Key differences between non-AP instruction and AP instruction, plus when to employ both
  • Strategies for reaching out to parents constructively and addressing their concerns, plus how to enlist their help in supporting student success in AP
  • Ways to define what unites your school and district and how to capitalize on those factors in the design of your AP programs
  • How to encourage and employ design thinking in implementing, growing and strengthening your program

A Message from Your Seminar Leader

Dear Colleague:

I’ve consulted with many schools and districts that wish to know the practical steps they can take to improve their Advanced Placement programs. It has been my pleasure to help many schools make the transition from merely offering AP courses to offering AP courses where students can and do achieve at the highest levels of success.

I have worked with some of the most successful Advanced Placement programs and some of the most successful AP teachers, and there is a special skillset that accompanies their success. I want to equip you with the essential skills and practical steps you can take to deliver the best results.

Throughout our day together, we will explore practical answers to many questions, including:

  • How can we best help our students reach the highest levels of AP achievement?
  • What are the essential things that top AP teachers and programs are doing that we can do, too?
  • How can we best celebrate the success of our Advanced Placement students in ways that encourage future success?
  • How can we best motivate our students to engage in this difficult coursework?
  • How can we address the additional pressure that AP teachers and students face?
  • How can we identify frequently overlooked students who would excel in your Advanced Placement program?

If you have ever wanted more from your Advanced Placement results, this day is for you! Please join me and discover the best resources and concrete steps that top schools are using that you can, too, to greatly improve the performance of your AP students and programs.

Andrew Grieve

P.S. I’m a practical person, and I want to teach you how to improve your Advanced Placement programs in down-to-earth, practical ways, geared to address the challenges we face in the real world.

Who Should Attend

AP Teachers, AP Coordinators, Administrators, and Counselors

Special Benefits of Attending

  1. Extensive Resource Handbook:
    Each participant will receive an extensive resource handbook specifically designed for this seminar. The handbook includes:
    • Resources, strategies and tools to help you support top level success in your Advanced Placement programs
    • What the most successful AP teachers and programs in the country do to assure their students’ best results, that you can do too!
    • Resources to help you take your Advanced Placement programs to the next level
    • Practical ways to celebrate your students’ success that encourage future growth and success
  2. Meet and Share:
    This seminar provides a great opportunity for participants to meet and share ideas with other educators interested in helping their students attain the highest levels of achievement in Advanced Placement courses.
  3. Consultation Available:
    Andrew Grieve will be available at the seminar for consultation regarding your questions about the unique needs of your own Advanced Placement programs.
  4. Semester Credit Option:
    Brandman University Logo Graduate level professional development credit is available with an additional fee and completion of follow up practicum activities. Details for direct enrollment with Brandman University, part of the Chapman University system, will be available at the seminar.
  5. Meet Inservice Requirements:
    At the end of the program, each attendee will receive a certificate of participation that may be used to verify hours of participation in meeting continuing education requirements.