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SPEECH-LANGUAGE PATHOLOGISTS: Powerful Strategies to Accelerate Therapy Progress

NEW Seminar Presented By
Allison Cloutier, MS, CCC-SLP

Outstanding Speech-Language Pathologist and Presenter

Specifically Designed for School-Based Speech-Language Pathologists Serving PreK through Grade 12

  • Proven techniques to accelerate your students' therapy progress
  • Practical strategies to address your students' speech and language needs with the most effective therapy practices
  • Timesaving methods for planning therapy activities that help you reach targeted therapy goals sooner
  • Highly effective intervention strategies for students who struggle to maintain attention and engagement in your therapy sessions

Practical Strategies and Materials

In this outstanding NEW seminar, experienced speech-language pathologist and outstanding presenter Allison Cloutier, will share new, innovative, evidence-based strategies, and resources to accelerate your students' therapy progress. Allison will challenge you to think more creatively about the materials you currently use while also introducing you to new, highly engaging games and activities along with specific ways these can be paired with evidence-based therapy techniques to strengthen the effectiveness and impact of your therapy sessions.

Allison will share a wealth of practical ways diverse speech and language needs can be targeted to match your current curriculum standards as well as specific tools and resources to increase carryover into the classroom setting. During this engaging and interactive seminar you'll have numerous opportunities to experience many strategies firsthand, and develop a plan about how you can best implement the new strategies into you own professional practice to increase your students' therapy progress.

Ten Key Benefits of Attending

  1. Learn New, Innovative, Evidence-Based Strategies to Accelerate Therapy Progress
    Acquire numerous new, easy-to-implement therapy strategies to boost your students' speech and language skills
  2. Match Therapy Activities to More Effectively Target Specific Speech and Language Needs
    Discover numerous ready-to-use therapy materials, games and intervention strategies to advance speech and language skills and promote greater academic success
  3. Better Support Students Who Struggle with Maintaining Attention and Engagement in Your Therapy Sessions
    Learn practical strategies to more deeply engage your students in the therapy process to better support individual needs
  4. Gain Practical Strategies for Students Who Struggle with Expressive Language Skills
    Learn practical ways to address expressive language skills … Vocabulary, naming, recalling information, retelling events, sentence formation, and more in your therapy sessions
  5. Align Your Therapy Outcomes and Goals with Classroom Expectations and Your State Standards
    Align students' speech and language needs with appropriate goals to best support their classroom and individual learning
  6. Incorporate Hands-On Learning Into Your Therapy Sessions
    Learn the most effective ways to enhance your current therapy sessions with hands-on, play-based learning activities
  7. Incorporate New Therapy Techniques for Students Who Struggle With Articulation
    Step away from just DRILL! Gain useful strategies for integrating articulation practice into more meaningful contexts
  8. Expand Your Repertoire of Receptive Language Intervention Strategies
    Discover numerous, ready-to-use therapy strategies that promote receptive language success … Following directions, reading comprehension, understanding meaning, and more
  9. Increase Your Knowledge of Social Pragmatic Intervention Strategies
    Acquire motivating therapy techniques to better support social communication intervention
  10. Receive an Extensive Language Therapy Resource Handbook
    You'll leave with a detailed language therapy resource handbook packed with step-by-step activities, materials and resources designed to make your speech-language therapy program more efficient and effective

Specific Topics

Here's what you'll learn:
  • Dozens of practical evidence-based strategies to increase your effectiveness and efficiency in your role as a school-based speech-language-pathologist
  • Motivating games and activities to increase student participation in your therapy sessions
  • How to work smarter, not harder and attain greater results in your speech therapy sessions
  • Innovative ways to tie speech and language goals to your school's academic standards
  • Ways to incorporate hands-on play-based learning into your therapy sessions
  • Dozens of ideas for infusing speech-language supports into classroom interventions that promote differentiated instruction
  • Specific therapy interventions for students with expressive language needs
  • Ready-to-use receptive therapy techniques
  • Proven strategies designed to promote greater success with comprehension, following directions, vocabulary, and understanding meaning
  • Timesaving ways to reach targeted speech and language goals sooner
  • Proven social pragmatic intervention techniques
  • How to better align specific speech and language goals with classroom expectations
  • New, innovative strategies to better support students who struggle with articulation
  • Innovative strategies to help speech and language students better meet communication goals and curriculum targets

A Message from Your Seminar Leader

Dear Colleague:

Years ago, I found myself in a "rut" as I used the same therapy materials over and over, in the same manner, and both my students and I were losing the "spark" that always made learning and teaching fun. Fortunately, under the guidance of an experienced mentor, I started to shift my perspective on how I approach therapy and engage my students. This made a significant impact on my everyday work. I now find that my students are happily willing to engage in their therapy work and, most importantly, they achieve greater therapy outcomes in less time.

I've designed this seminar to share with you the best techniques to engage students in a positive learning environment, as well as ways to more effectively incorporate hands-on, experiential learning into your everyday speech and language therapy sessions. I have also included easy-to-use methods to help maximize your time.

I invite you to join me for this informative and engaging seminar. I am looking forward to sharing a wide variety of detailed and effective techniques and materials that will encourage greater student engagement in your speech and language sessions, motivating them to learn more and accelerate their own therapy progress!

I look forward to meeting you at the seminar.

Allison P. Cloutier, MS, CCC-SLP

P.S. Be prepared to have some fun! This hands-on learning seminar is sure to inspire you through participating in engaging activities.

Who Should Attend

School-Based Speech-Language Pathologists Serving PreK through Grade 12


This course is offered for 0.50 ASHA CEUs (Intermediate level, Professional area).

ASHA Approved

Special Benefits of Attending

  1. Extensive Speech-Language Therapy Resource Handbook
    Each participant will receive an extensive speech-language therapy resource handbook specifically designed for this seminar. The handbook includes:
    • Innovative ideas to accelerate progress
    • Effective strategies to incorporate hands-on, play-based learning into your speech and language therapy
    • Planning templates to bring ease into your everyday therapy sessions
    • Suggestions for materials that target an array of speech and language skills
  2. Meet and Share with other Speech-Language Pathologists
    This seminar provides a wonderful opportunity for participants to meet and share ideas with other speech-language pathologists interested in strengthening their speech-language therapy program.
  3. Consultation Available
    Allison Cloutier will be available at the seminar for consultation regarding your questions and the unique needs of your own therapy program.
  4. Semester Credit Option:
    Brandman University Logo Graduate level professional development credit is available with an additional fee and completion of follow up practicum activities. Details for direct enrollment with Brandman University, part of the Chapman University system, will be available at the seminar.
  5. Meet Inservice Requirements:
    At the end of the program, each attendee will receive a certificate of participation that may be used to verify hours of participation in meeting continuing education requirements.