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Date: April 25, 2018

$249.00 per person
Group Price: $229.00
*For 3 or more people regestering at the same time

Strategies to Differentiate Your Instruction Using Current Technology Tools and Resources

(Grades K-6)

NEW Seminar Presented By
Joanne Troutner

Outstanding Teacher, Technology Expert and National Presenter

Specifically Designed for Educators Working with Students in Grades K-6

  • Practical, differentiated strategies and activities using the technology available to you and your students to better meet the wide range of students’ needs and interests in your classroom
  • Discover and explore free and low-cost apps and tools that work best for differentiating instruction
  • Increase the success of every student – from the struggling student to the high-achieving – using differentiated activities and technology tools with the whole class or in small groups
  • Develop a core toolkit of technology ideas and projects to have ready at your fingertips to differentiate your instruction

Practical Strategies

The focus of this practical, strategy-packed seminar will be on timesaving ways to use technology to differentiate instruction to better meet the needs of all your students. Joanne Troutner, an outstanding teacher and presenter, will share realistic differentiation strategies and activities using current technology tools to challenge, motivate and engage your students with diverse skills and backgrounds. The ideas and strategies Joanne will provide will simplify differentiation and make it much easier to plan your instruction and manage your classroom as you strive to raise the achievement of every student.

During this fast-paced day, you will discover dozens of free or low-cost technology ideas designed for a differentiated classroom. Joanne will offer valuable ideas to both those who are new to using technology to differentiate or those who are looking to enhance their ongoing efforts to challenge students at their level of learning and interests. You will leave this NEW seminar with a wealth of effective ideas, increased confidence in meeting the needs of all your students in a whole class or small group setting and an invaluable resource handbook packed with ready-to-use materials and activities. If you are looking for ways to use technology to better differentiate instruction with minimum preparation, this is a seminar you won’t want to miss.

Ten Key Benefits of Attending

  1. Practical Strategies to Differentiate Instruction Using Technology Tools and Web Resources in Your K-6 Classroom
    Dozens of practical, immediately usable strategies to differentiate your instruction using technology tools … Develop a core toolkit of technology ideas and projects to have ready at your fingertips
  2. Numerous Options that Use a Range of Technology Tools Available to You and Your Students
    Joanne will cover all the bases in this seminar so you can implement her ideas and strategies with the technology you and your students have available
  3. Free or Low-Cost Tech Resources You Will Want to Use Immediately to Better Differentiate
    Joanne has researched and found the best free and low-cost tech tools to differentiate and help your students create, practice, collaborate, and share their learning … Increase students’ motivation to be more active, hands-on learners
  4. Timesaving Management Tips for Using Technology to Differentiate Instruction
    Learn classroom-proven, realistic technology tools for differentiating instruction with your whole class or small groups … Management and organizational strategies that will allow you to incorporate differentiated instruction effectively and efficiently
  5. Provide Appropriate Challenges for All Your Students – From Struggling to High Achievers
    Learn effective methods for modifying technology-based activities and projects and offering choices so every student experiences appropriate challenges and eventual success with difficult content
  6. Create a Differentiated Classroom Environment that Stimulates Learning and Motivation
    Provide greater student choice with proven technology tools … Provide effective learning though technology activities and projects in your whole class instruction
  7. Differentiate Your Instruction Using Project Based Learning Strategies
    Discover numerous technology-based projects that will meet the learning needs of all your students … Projects can be adjusted and tiered based on student readiness and interests
  8. Tech Tools Designed Just for Critical Math Skills and Concepts
    Technology can be instrumental in motivating students to practice for math fluency – learn which ones are free and get greater results … Plus, ideas for helping students with problem solving using digital math stories
  9. Develop Guidelines for Projects for All Content Areas
    Numerous, ready-to-use strategies for planning and developing guidelines for projects … A step-by-step framework that you can use immediately and is applicable to social studies, science, math, reading, and writing
  10. Receive an Extensive Resource Handbook
    Receive the extensive resource handbook Joanne developed specifically for this seminar that includes the resources, ideas and strategies you need to incorporate technology into your differentiated classroom

Specific Topics

Here's what you'll learn:
  • Numerous project planning tools and a variety of timesaving tips to integrate technology into your differentiated classroom
  • Develop differentiated projects that support and strengthen students’ reading and writing skills
  • Differentiate your instruction with numerous project-based learning options to appeal to a variety of students’ interests and needs
  • Best websites and web resources you can use to get students excited about new units of study
  • High-interest, low-prep ways to set the stage for learning
  • Ideas for developing rubrics to assess learning and help your students self-assess
  • Powerful intervention strategies for using technology-based projects to help your struggling students and challenge your gifted students
  • Incorporate research skills into your projects to meet your state standards
  • Help students gain presentation skills using a range of technology tools
  • Provide differentiated options for crafting persuasive presentations and writing with technology-based tools
  • Specific suggestions to guide students in locating and evaluating online information and resources
  • Free and inexpensive technology tools to add to your repertoire of teaching tools that support your differentiated classroom
  • Project options that use a range of technology from laptops, Chromebooks, Android tablets, and iPads
  • Project based activities and lessons to match learning styles of any number of students
  • Tools for getting to know your student’s interests, styles and learning strengths
  • Broaden your formative assessment strategies for differentiated projects
  • Strategies for facilitating digital citizenship in all technology projects
  • Innovative ideas for modifying your lessons and assignments to incorporate tech projects for the diverse levels of student readiness
  • Guide your students to be self-managed so you can successfully differentiate instruction in your classroom

A Message from Your Seminar Leader

Dear Colleague:

The explosion of technology, apps and websites has created hundreds of possibilities to make differentiated instruction easier for you, the teacher, and more meaningful for students. However, it can be overwhelming! What free and low-cost apps and tools are the best for working in a differentiated classroom? What skills do your students need to effectively and efficiently use the technology available to them for learning? How can you maximize the use of your tech tools with your students in meaningful and relevant ways without adding hours of extra planning time to your day and week? How can you make use of social media and mobile learning tools? We will address all these questions and more in this exciting, fast-paced day you won’t want to miss.

Designed to meet your needs, whether you are new to differentiation and mobile technology or have been using them in a variety of ways, this seminar will give you numerous ideas, strategies, suggestions, and activities for using both tools to strengthen your instruction and increase student learning across all your subjects. You will receive a wealth of ideas for using my favorite free and low-cost apps that are available for you to use with your students. In addition, you will gain valuable assessment strategies, project-planning tools and numerous tips to integrate technology in a more seamless and natural manner. All of the strategies and resources I will share are meant to be used as is or adapted to meet your specific needs.

I am looking forward to meeting you and helping you move your students toward a more meaningful learning journey using technology and all the free and low-cost tools that can make teaching an enjoyable and rewarding job!

Joanne Troutner

P.S. You will leave this seminar with practical, ready-to-use projects, strategies and an extensive list of free or low-cost web-based tools you can use in your own differentiated grades K-6 classroom!

Who Should Attend

Educators Working with Students in Grades K-6.

Special Benefits of Attending

  1. Extensive Resource Handbook:
    Each participant will receive an extensive resource handbook specifically designed for this seminar. The handbook includes:
    • Product creation tools for Chromebooks, laptops, iPads, and other mobile devices
    • Dozens of practical strategies for using technology in your differentiated classroom
    • Practical ways to assess technology project and activities
    • Step-by-step instructions for using the best digital resources in differentiated learning scenarios
    • Examples of innovative differentiated lessons in various content areas
    • Pre-assessment and formative assessment strategies for immediate use
  2. Meet and Share:
    This seminar provides a wonderful opportunity for participants to meet and share ideas with other K-6 educators interested in using tech tools to differentiate their instruction.
  3. Consultation Available:
    Joanne Troutner will be available at the seminar for consultation regarding your questions and the unique needs of your own grades K-6 program.
  4. Semester Credit Option:
    Brandman University Logo Graduate level professional development credit is available with an additional fee and completion of follow up practicum activities. Details for direct enrollment with Brandman University, part of the Chapman University system, will be available at the seminar.
  5. Meet Inservice Requirements:
    At the end of the program, each attendee will receive a certificate of participation that may be used to verify hours of participation in meeting continuing education requirements.