Institute for Educational Development

AOTA Timed Agenda

Practical Interventions for Increasing the Success of Your School-Based OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY Outcomes

Time-Ordered Agenda  
  • Discuss Occupational Therapy as a Related Service and the Role of the Occupational Therapist in the Educational Setting
  • Therapist's Challenges – Workload vs. Caseload, Time Management Obstacles
  • Review Hand Anatomy – Intrinsic Muscles, Hand Grasps, Motor Separation, In-Hand Manipulation Skills, Hand Arch Development and Thumb Opposition 
10:00-10:15 Break
  • Effective Strategies for Hand Development – Lab Time
  • Hand Preference & Development of Handwriting Skills
  • Identify Efficient and Inefficient Grasps and Its Impact on Motor Separation
  • Effective Strategies for Scissor Use & Scissor Skill Development
12:00-1:00 Lunch
  • Effective Strategies for Writing Tool Use
  • Identify Gross Motor Activities that Impact Fine Motor Skills and Development & Hand Skills with Classroom Tools and Handwriting
  • Discuss the Use of OT Apps in School Therapy Setting
  • Typing vs. Handwriting – What the Research Reveals and Benefits of Handwriting Related to Learning
2:10-2:20 Break
  • Identify Effective RTI/MTSS Strategies and Collaboration Strategies with Parents, Teachers, and Administrators
  • Data Collection & Its Importance in Making Decisions as a School-Based Therapist
  • Select Sensory Strategies that address Sensory Needs and Work Behaviors
  • Environmental Classroom Strategies to Create a Sensory Space to Meet Student's Sensory Needs
  • Q & A

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