Institute for Educational Development

University of Massachusetts Global Credit

Credit Available through University of Massachusetts Global, a nonprofit affiliate of the University of Massachusetts
Participants attending seminars by the Institute for Educational Development have the opportunity of earning up to 4 graduate level professional development credits through University of Massachusetts Global by completion of follow-up practicum projects and payment of an additional fee. The fee in all states and provinces is $70 (in U.S. funds) per credit.

For answers to additional questions beyond those which follow, you may wish to call the School of Extended Education at University of Massachusetts Global at 800-632-0094. Detailed information regarding University of Massachusetts Global credit is also available at the University of Massachusetts Global website. Details for direct enrollment with University of Massachusetts Global will also be available at the seminar.

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon may I expect to receive confirmation from University of Massachusetts Global after I’ve registered with them for course credit?
You may expect to receive an emailed confirmation letter from University of Massachusetts Global within 30 days of University of Massachusetts Global’s receipt of your registration paperwork and fee. Your confirmation will also include the name and address of the specific reader assigned to evaluate your course project for mailing your completed project.

How do I submit my final project to University of Massachusetts Global?
The confirmation letter you receive from University of Massachusetts Global will include the name and address of the specific reader assigned to evaluate your course project. Do NOT send your completed project directly to University of Massachusetts Global. If you no longer have access to that information, please email University of Massachusetts Global directly by Clicking Here or phone at

What is University of Massachusetts Global's accreditation?
University of Massachusetts Global is accredited by, and is a member of, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. University of Massachusetts Global is also a member of the American Council on Education and the American Association of Colleges for Teachers.

What are the requirements for receiving credit?
The following information is found on the enrollment form presented at the seminar to those individuals enrolling in follow-up credit at the seminar. The participant must attend, and participate in, the entire seminar. As follow-up to the seminar, the participant must develop at least three practical projects per credit based on the seminar presentation. The projects should be designed to be implemented into the participant's program, i.e. worksheets, lesson plans, center activities, or plans for implementation of any topics presented. A three-page paper per credit is required based on the projects. This will be graded with a letter grade of A-C or No Pass. A detailed rubric and grading scale can be found at the University of Massachusetts Global Website.

How long do I have to complete the final project for the course?
The project is due six months from the seminar start date.

How do I register for credit after attending a seminar or conference?

  • At the seminar: Complete the registration form and give it and your payment to the on-site Program Manager. Keep the upper portion of the form as it includes the instructions for your coursework.
  • By mail: Within 30 days of the seminar date, submit your completed University of Massachusetts Global course registration form with your $70 (U.S. funds) per credit tuition payment (checks are payable to University of Massachusetts Global, or include your Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card number and expiration date) to: University of Massachusetts Global, Extended Education, IED Practicum, 16355 Laguna Canyon Road, Irvine, CA 92618. Be sure to submit your completed registration before submitting coursework.
  • By fax: Fax the information above with your credit card number to (949) 754-1337.
    NOTE: Faxed registration forms should not exceed standard letter size (8.5 x 11). University of Massachusetts Global website.
  • Online: Register at Check that your pop-up blockers are off. Use the current date as the start date. To search for the BER course you attended, use the 3-character BER seminar code found on the title page of the handbook you received – it will be the first 3 characters of a longer code at the bottom of that page.

What kind of credit is it?
The credit the participant will receive upon the successful completion of the follow-up practicum is graduate elective semester credit. These are professional development units that are not part of a degree program but instead are primarily used for professional advancement purposes such as salary increment steps and recertification.

Will my district or state accept University of Massachusetts Global Credit?
It is the responsibility of the individual participant to verify with his/her district or state prior to enrollment whether University of Massachusetts Global credit will be acceptable or not.

What are the grading criteria for the final project?
At the time of enrollment, students will be provided with a listing of all requirements and grading criteria for the written project. The specific grading rubric used to assess the written projects can be found at: University of Massachusetts Global.

What is the equivalent to one semester credit in quarter credits?
One semester credit equals 1.33 quarter credits.

If I have additional questions, how can I contact University of Massachusetts Global?

Can I receive credit from University of Massachusetts Global and apply for state-sponsored CEU credit?
No, participants may not receive two types of credit for the same activity.

What is the cancellation/refund policy in regard to University of Massachusetts Global credit?
Participants who request cancellation in writing within thirty (30) days of their seminar date will receive a refund if no course work has been submitted.

How can I obtain an official University of Massachusetts Global transcript?
Specific directions for requesting an official transcript can be obtained at the University of Massachusetts Global website.

I am completing my University of Massachusetts Global course during my school vacation period / hiatus and do not have access to students. How do I complete my project in light of the requirements for evaluating student learning, my own self-evaluation and the need to include documentation?
All components of the course requirements must be addressed. If you do not have access to students to practice your activities on, you may approach your paper in the following way:

  • Explain your situation on the title page.
  • Describe the methods you intend to use for evaluating your students’ learning experience.
  • For self-evaluation, comment on your strengths and weaknesses as pertaining to the implementation of the activities. Discuss what you expect to happen in terms of your own abilities.
  • Discuss what you expect to happen in terms of your own abilities.
  • Documentation could include handouts, an example of the activity, charts for evaluation, lesson plans etc.